Sunday, February 11

Why Can't They Stay This Cute Forever...

> Addy loves giving us things now and hearing us say thank you, and then taking them back and trying to say "Thank You" herself, which is almost unintelligible, but so cute all the same.

> Everyday when Addy wakes up she now has almost a ritual obsession with completing all of her daily tasks. She opens the Tupperware cabinet and plays with her cups, then she goes into the pantry and bites on the cardboard Jello boxes, then she carries the spray can of Pam around the house for a while, next she has to go upstairs and mess around in the bathroom cabinets with the boxes of soap and contact lenses. If you try to take her away from any of that, even to feed her or change her, she gets so upset. Who needs toys...we just hide the toxic chemicals and let her rummage for hours.

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