Saturday, May 29

Bright Lights in the Small City

Addy and Jax at their Moms Morning Out sing-a-long last week.  
Can you tell which one likes being the center of attention?

Sunday, May 23

The Loud Family

Wait for the real music to kick in, Jax gets down.

King Jack

Where was Dad on this Day?

Women Drivers: Be Warned

Summer Lovin'

Daddy/Addy Date Picnic
Bingo Night at Chick Fil A

Tuesday, May 4

Scoping out the Pirates

Addy/Daddy Date Day at Yorktown Landing

Addy and I spent Saturday morning at Yorktown.  There were pirates, Ferrari's and we had a picnic lunch while Blackbeard taught the boys how to sword fight.  It was so fun.

Addy at a princess party on Monday.