Thursday, March 26

Random Messy Pics

Wednesday, March 25

Derelict Dad!

Oops, Dad fell asleep at the watch again this morning and Jackson managed to climb up our entire staircase without falling and pop in on Mom doing her makeup. it is all over now, time to set the gate up. Man, Addy was not this adventurous this early!

Monday, March 23

The World comes to Williamsburg

Recently, I went to speak to about 40 Chinese students who are in Graduate programs at WM. They are involved in a weekly International Student Fellowship (bible study) on campus led by several Chapel couples, including Eddie and Grace Lui who are from Bejing. Six of them were baptized at a great service yesterday morning at the Chapel. It is amazing to think that the best of the best students from China are coming to America, hearing about Jesus for the first time, and then returning to leadership roles in China as lawyers, scientists, and politicians who can influence a whole country for the Lord. And we don't even have to leave town to be involved in that work! Amazing. If you are interested, their stories are online here.

Randoms from March

Addy resting at home on a sick day last week.

Highlights of our Youngest, or Last Child, depending on who you ask

Feed Me!

jack hates being spoon fed anymore and only wants things he can pick up himself, so needless to say, eating takes forever these days. Here Addy tries one last time to get him to eat some squash. As you can see, he won't sit still for long and so he ends up wearing most of it.

He much prefers his biscuits, pieces of bananas, fruit, cheerios, peas, carrots, and green beans.

But, Jackson isn't the only one who likes to feed himself these days...

Tuesday, March 17

Sorry about the silence...we are still getting used to a new camera we got and Dad got a new laptop to figure sick kiddos, doctors, and long ministry weekends...

Here is one funny story, pics to come soon I promise.

Mom and Addy looking at picture of kittens...
Addy: I really want a baby kitty.
Mom: Well you know we can't have kitties, because dad is allergic, they make him really sick.
Addy: Dad's going to die..he wants to be with Jesus.
Mom: Did you just say that Dad is going to die?
Addy: yeah
Mom: Oh no...
Addy: Its okay mom, I'll take care of you. It will just be me and you. (pause) then we can get a kitty.
Mom: I think i would rather have dad than a kitty, wouldn't you?
Addy: No...I want a kitty.

one last one from Dad during prayer time at night.

Addy: Dad, I don't know how to get to Heaven?
Dad: Well, we trust that Jesus will get us to Heaven.
Addy: but I don't know how we are going to get there...Jesus can't carry us, there are too many.
Dad: I bet Jesus knows how to get us all there.
Addy: (climbs out of bed, walks over the window, lifts the blinds) but I don't know how we are going to get there...see there are no clouds to climb, and there are no stairs...I don't know we are going to get there!

(I know this is true with every kid, but it never ceases to amaze me how my child can be totally non communicative with me when I come home from work, and then can turn into a philosophical and theological savant at bedtime! From now on, I am going to tell her we can discuss her existential questions on her own time in the morning! Dad is going downstairs to watch basketball!)

Sunday, March 8

Evening Prayers...

Dad: Dear Jesus, thank you for making Addy, and for making her so loving, and creative, and ...

Addy interrupts: and squishy! And for making mom and Dad so fun, and making everything so beautiful

Wednesday, March 4

Welcome Skylar!

Our first girl cousin, Skylar Grace McKendrick, was born this morning at 5:15 CT in Lake Forest Hospital in IL. 7lbs, 6 oz, and 20.5 inches long with tons of dark hair. Mom and Dad are doing great and resting up from the long night. Pictures to follow when we get them. Congrats Dan and Kristen!

Monday, March 2

Snow Day!

We woke up to about three inches of snow today. Just enough to close schools and let us play for about an hour. Check out or miniature Frosty we made!