Friday, November 23

Addy Makes Her Big Announcement!

Addy stood up at the Thanksgiving toast last night with the family and made the big family announcement for Mom and Dad. In case you can't read it, her shirt says, "Big Sister." Mom is 9 weeks pregnant and expecting in late June. Addy will be about 2 1/2 then. Just the right age to cover for dad with those middle of the night bottle feedings.

Thursday, November 22

Pic of the Week

Saturday, November 17

Happy Birthday, Uncle Dan (11/12)

Pic of the Week

Here are Addy and Mom reading this month's InStyle together up on the counter.

Family Outing

The Ritners and Lees went to Yankee Candle on Saturday morning to see Santa, pet the ponies, and ride the Horse drawn Carriages. Yankee Candle factory makes those good smelling candles everyone has in their homes, but more importantly, they are the largest Christmas store in town, and that is saying a lot because Williamsburg has TWO Christmas Mouse Outlets as well. The town was out in force to see Santa and ride the ponies. The little ones weren't into waiting in line, so we went to Arby's. Here are Braden and Addy getting ready for the Thanksgiving kids table by sitting by themselves.

Friday, November 16

A is for Addy

I almost forgot my favorite picture of the fall so far. Addy has learned the letter A, as well as O, and sometimes Q (the O with a tail, we call it.) Wherever we go, she points out the A's we see, actually yells out the A's we see until we acknowledge it with her. Here she is pointing one out while picking pumpkins with mom last month.

Birthday Dinner For Dad

One of the men on the Men's retreat this past weekend found out I was away from my family on my birthday (11/10) and invited us to join him and his wife for dinner at a Japanese Steak House they own in Williamsburg. We had a great time, and the food was fantastic. Addy ate very well and loved the chopsticks. She thought the food prep. in front of us was fascinating, until the chef tried to flip a piece of Shrimp into my mouth with a spatula. For some reason that freaked her out and sent her into a crying fit calling for Mama. Maybe she has some internal fear of food flying at her face or something. Other than that, it was wonderful. Thanks for all the calls and emails over the weekend. Sorry I wasn't able to answer them while in the mountains.

Green Tea and Red (Kidney) Bean flavored Ice Cream, proving Addy loves any flavor of ice cream.

Wednesday, November 7

Thursday, November 1

First Night of Trick or Treating

We went trick or treating with Cara Ellis last night in our neighborhood. Addy couldn't quite get "Trick or Treat" out clearly, so we went with "Candy Please" since she has that one down from a lot of practice. After we came home and ate some candy, Addy was very excited to answer the door for other kids. The doorbell would ring and she would yell trick or treat and then want to be the one to give the candy out. When they left, she yelled "Bye Kids!" and would slam the door shut behind them. It was priceless. Wish we had that on video.