Monday, September 24

How will they screw this one up?

Cubs magic number is 4 with one week left. To celebrate, we have taught Addy to say, "Go cubbies!"

Someone taught her so say "Da Bears" too, but Dad is working on erasing that memory.

Pics of the Week

(Dad is pointing out how bad Rex Grossman is on Sunday night football)

UFC 76

In honor of the Ultimate Fighting Championship this weekend, here is Hudson, (in the white trunks) body slamming Addy, and then going for the knockout kicks to the face! But as you can see from the first image, Addy had already knocked Hudson down once, so she at least made it look good before tapping out.

Quality Time with Braden

Last week was the final weekend for Busch Gardens. Laurie and Kristyn sure got their money's worth with the season pass this summer. Here is Mr. Huggies himself, Braden Lee, smooching with Addison. (Well to be fair, she is kind of making the move int he last picture!)

Addy Hard at Work

Addy is SO stinking independent. Too much sometime for Mom, who wonders where her cuddly little baby went. She wanders off from us to play on her own, but she brings a work like determination to it.

In this video she is coloring and when she gets up from the table you can hear her say "two colors" as she uses the second marker on the page.

In this one about :46 seconds in you can hear her tell me the number one is "yellow."

Here, Mom catches her reading to her baby.

Wednesday, September 19

That's Gonna Leave a Mark

Praise God that kids this age are made out of rubber. We had quite a scare last night when Addy ran in front of Dad while I was moving a large bookcase. Before Kristyn could warn me to stop, I drilled Addy with the front end of the bookcase and not only knocked her over, but knocked her out the door into the garage where she flipped down the 5 steps and landed on the cement floor. Mom ended up crying longer than Addy did, since she had a front row seat for the whole thing but couldn't do anything to stop it. We checked for a concussion last night, but her pupils are dilating and she woke up in the middle of the night without any real effort on our part.

Tuesday, September 11

Pic of the Week

A Day in CW

Hudson and Addy chasing each other around Colonial Williamsburg.

Hudson and Addy on the way home from CW trying to see who can yell louder than the other one. They have really started actually playing and interacting with each other more and more, as you can see.

Time to Get Caught Up

Ok, I finally got through fantasy football draft, preaching, speaking at the men's breakfast, speaking at Williamsburg Christian Academy, Small Group Launch, and the 49ers opener....Time to get some old pics online. Sorry for Addy's fans.

Here are some pics from Aunt Jessica and Uncle Chris' visit 10 days ago, or so. Like I said, it has been crazy around here. We had a great time going to the Yorktown Beach, riding the Surry Ferry, and just hanging around together.

Us at the Tribe Home Opener. The second picture is Kristyn's stalker picture of musician, Bruce Hornsby, (in the blue shirt) who was up in the box with us at the game.

Addy has become obsessed with singing "The Wheels on the Bus" along with all of the hand motions. However, she insists that everyone sing along as well. Here she stops mid verse to insist that Mom put down the camera and sing. "Mama, the Bus!"