Monday, April 30

Aunt Jessica Gets Married

This past weekend we traveled to the Twin Cities, MN for Jessica and Chris's wedding. We got to spend some time with them and Grandpa Gary and his family as well. Aunt Emmy and Aunt Ellie were flower girls and looked fantastic. The wedding was at 7 PM, so Addy didn't make it to the event itself, but she had a great time at the pre-party begging for cookies from the extended family who happily obliged. More pictures to come from the professionals, but here are some that we have so far. Congrats to the happy couple who are off in St. Lucia for their honeymoon.

Videos From the Wedding Trip

Wednesday, April 25

A Night with the Stars

The Chapel celebrated its first ever All Volunteer Appreciation Celebration this past Friday. We sent out 850 invites and had a crowd of over 400 attend. The staff put the whole night on as a giant thank you to our army of volunteers who serve all year long.

The theme was "A Night with the Stars" and we did our best to create an awards show feel, complete with red carpet, autograph seekers, paparazzi, and Kristyn as one of the media on the carpet interviewing the guests. She must have asked, "Who are you wearing this evening?" over 100 times.

Inside, Rich Sylvester and I served as emcees and gave out fake awards to some fictional volunteers as part of a skit. The night was a blast. Here are some pictures from the evening.

Tuesday, April 24

Growing Up So Fast

Addy seems to be outgrowing not only her clothes, but her stroller as well. Man she is a giant compare to this thing.

Oh wait, that's her doll's stroller that she insists on sitting in every day in hopes that we will get the subtle message to take her outside for another walk. As you can see by her crazy hair, we had just gotten back from a walk in the humidity minutes earlier.

Saturday, April 21

Pic of the Week: Hokie for a Day

In honor of our friends at Tech this week, here is newborn Logan Andrew Grimes in his Tech colors yesterday. Logan's parents, our Chapel friends Jason and Jessica, are both Virginia Tech Grads.

Wednesday, April 18

Getting an Attitude (Part Two)

Addy radioed us Tuesday morning to let us know she was ready to get up. Yet another moment of her new rebellious attitude coming out in a way that creates an ongoing tension between adorable and exasperating for us as parents. As you can see, there was no comfort to be found in any of her bed buddies, who got tossed over board.

Getting an Attitude (Part One)

The past two weeks have been real rough. Addy is either fighting a sickness we are yet to diagnose, or she is just working out some personality issues that come with this age. She is into everything she knows she is not allowed to be into. Perpetually frustrating, so we have to laugh at her to keep ourselves from crying. Here she is waving Hi from inside the cabinets on Monday night.

More Friends for Addy

Addy's newest friend was born this morning. Logan Andrew Grimes. Congrats to Mom and Dad. He was 8 lbs 0oz and 21in long. Mom and baby are both doing well.

Saturday, April 14

The Many Sides of Addy

Talkative, Always Wanting to Help, and then Easily Frustrated!

Saturday, April 7

Happy Easter 2007

Make sure to get to the end of this video to hear Addy's animal sounds.

Luck Ducks Easter Game for Addy 1

Luck Ducks Easter Game for Addy 2

Sun Before the Storm

Well we woke up to an inch of snow this morning in April! Thankfully it melted by early afternoon. Here is Addy at the pool this week when it was 80 towards the beginning of the week with the Czajkowski girls who were in town from Indianapolis.

Tuesday, April 3

Monday, April 2

Addy's New "Used" Car

Addy got her first car this week, and in Ritner family tradition, it is used. One of our neighbors gave it to her as their kids have begun to outgrow it. Addy can't make it move on her own yet, but she loves to just get in it and sit there.

Opening Day

The Cubs dropped their opener today 5-1 to the Reds, but that didn't stop us from wearing our matching cubs outfits, again...