Saturday, May 31

Summer Fun Has Begun

Addy tries some corn on the cob for the first time and loves it.

Working on our swimming with Braden.

Big enough for new rides like this one that makes Mom sick.

Mom and Dad celebrate our 6th anniversary on Memorial Day at Busch Gardens (Addy pouting out of screen on left)

The Big 3-0

Mom celebrated her 30th last week with a couple fun nights out with friends. Tuesday night our small group got together for dinner with the kids and cake. Thursday she went to see James Taylor in Va Beach with Amanda and Friday she had a progressive dinner party with all sorts of friends at three of her favorite restaurants that almost left her nauseous. I guess Shrimp Appetizers, Mexican Dinner and Chocolate Fondue might be a little much, even for a pregnant woman! Here are some pictures from the big night. Thanks to all of you who signed her online card, there were more than 35 signatures!

A little baby shower with some of the Busch Garden's Moms.

Some fun non-alcoholic drinks for the pregnant girl.

Tuesday, May 20

Happy 30th Birthday, Kristyn!

Addy and Daddy made Mom some heart pancakes for her 30th this morning. Thanks to all of you who signed her card, she will open it today when she gets online and be so surprised, it ended up with 36 signatures!

Here are some flashbacks from the first 30 years as well.

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Sunday, May 18

The Dark Side of Little Girls

Addy came home from playing at Braden's just now and Mom said she was being kind of bratty to the other kids who were all over there together.

I asked Addy what happened, she says, "I knocked down their blocks."

I asked, "Oh no, did you say you were sorry?"

She replies, "No, I am not!"

Sunday Best

Strawberry Picking

Mom and Addy riding the Ferry over to Surry to go strawberry picking this week.

For some reason, Addy insists on wearing her glasses upside down, always has, and won't wear them any other way...

When the girls go there, they met some Chapel friends, and decided to pick together. Here is Addy leading the way.

Dad couldn't go, but he asked Addy to pick one small strawberry and one big strawberry for me. Here we are showing them off.

To top the day off, we had strawberries and chocolate for desert. Here Addy literally pries open her mouth to fit the whole thing in!

Wednesday, May 14

Finally, There May Be Hope Yet

It only took 26 months, but finally, Addy has shown some athleticism, catching a soccer ball for the first time last week with Uncle Brett. Not sure what twirling is all about though?

Here Mom tries to take it one step further and explain the etiquette of volleyballs. Of course, laying down the law only increases Addy desire to sin!

As far as throwing goes, she still thinks it is necessary to run up to someone before throwing the ball at them, which makes for a rather intimidating game of catch, even with a two year old. Don't laugh, have you ever tried catching a bouncy ball at point blank range?

Mom Takes Mother's Day Off

With the due date fast approaching, we took Addy to Grandma's house in Philly last Tuesday and headed out on one last week of sanity. Kristyn's grandparents have been snowbirds for years spending their Chicago winters in sunny Boca Raton, FL. They are no longer able to go their on their own so the McKendrick clan has been cleaning it out for rentals and family usage. We spent the week there helping clean up and relaxing by the pool, eating local food, and burying ourself in Michael Connelly novels. Here are pics from the week.

At Cheesecake Factory for dinner on our last night.

Kristyn at Little Havana, her "favorite restaurant in the whole world." She has like 6 of those, by the way.

Ice Cream cones at Doc's, in honor of our St.Louis friends, Doc, Katie and Finn Murphy. We walked through a street Jazz and Art fair while we ate

Some fierce shuffleboard action. You can see who won from the ego-maniacal, self aggrandizing photos below.

Here is a look at the place when we left. We will cut you a deal on monthly and weekly rates at Del Boca Vista, you can hang with the Costanza's and the Seinfeld's. Just remember, dinner is served promptly at 4:30.

I made my pregnant wife get up one morning at 6:35 to see the sunrise off the back porch. Then we slept in the next day until 10 AM. That was pure bliss!

Hope to have some pictures up soon from Addy and Grandma's adventures in Philly. They had a great time as well; riding the bus, playing with legos for the first time, and hanging out with new playmates at Wayne United Methodist Church. Thanks again Grandma for making our week wonderful!

Tuesday, May 6

A Kid By Any Other Name is Still a Ritner

Ok, the results are in, and the people have spoken through their 18 votes:
7 Votes: Dylan Kendrick Ritner
6 Votes Ryan Noah Ritner
3 Votes Jackson Noah Ritner
All I will say is that Mom and Dad are leaning towards one of those three.

By the way, here are the best of the worst late night brainstorms...
Duncan (inspired by Dunkin' Donuts, where Jon and Kristyn met)
Coupon, would go by "Coop", inspired by Dad's incessant coupon clipping
Ted (For Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)
Hezekiah, Harry, Floyd (Family Names)
49 Ritner (In the spirit of George Costanza wanting to name his kid 7. His initials would be 49R)
Sheffield Waveland (Everyone's favorite suggestion)

Friday, May 2

Just Two Old Fashioned Girls

Addy and Cara Ellis scaling the fences if necessary to see the cows, 'horseys', and 'sheeps' in Colonial Williamsburg.

Mother Goose

Addy rocking away and trying to sing her nursery rhymes. Can't you just see Addy 80 years from now in her rocking chair telling these rhymes to her great grandkids.

By the way, this is Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Hot Cross Buns

Summer Has Sprung

Addy poses for Mom in her new summer flower child shirt.

Ok, mom, that is enough!

Addy and Mom hit Ben and Jerry's on Tuesday for Free Cone Day. There they found Logan Grimes trying some mint chip. As you can see below, it did not go over well with Logan's taste buds.