Saturday, April 29

Coupon Queen

Addy and Daddy went grocery shopping Saturday morning so Mom could get some more rest. As you can see, Addy was in charge of the coupons. Kristyn had a good night sleep after sleeping most Friday as well and is feeling a little better. The highlight of Saturday will come around 2:00 ET when the 49ers go on the clock and hopefully select Vernon Davis, TE from Maryland, or move up to take Reggie Bush or D'Brickishaw Ferguson from UVA. We are resting on the sofa watching Grey's Anatomy and the draft in the PIP. More pictures on Monday morning.

Friday, April 28

The Virus is Spreading

Well, there will be no Friday morning post because I have my hands full with Addy this morning. Kristyn has caught whatever Addy had, but worse. Her cold has spread into her ears and to top it off, she can't seem to fall asleep. Dad is working from home today to allow Mom to try get some rest and we had to cancel our tickets to a Charity Auction that we were very excited to go to this evening to make things worse. Oh well. Pray for Kristyn today if you get a chance, she is on ear drops and some other medicine to try to get her feeling better.

The good news is Addy slept through the night again; back to her pre-sickness ways. She goes down at 7, gets a bottle at 10 and then sleeps until 6. The joys of growing up. Now if we could just get her to put the pacifier back in her own mouth during her daytime naps, we would be all set.

I will try to get some pictures and a video up by this evening. Check back then. Thanks for all the clicks and searches! You earned $1.18 for Addy yesterday alone!

If you want some fun reading, check out my other blog, This Week's Sign that the Apocalypse is Upon Us for some funny stuff.

Monday, April 24

Spring Fever

Well, we knew it would come eventually. Addy has come down with her first cold. She has been coughing all weekend and has trouble breathing through her stuffy nose. Addy woke Mom up Saturday night at 2 AM unable to sleep laying down. I found them sleeping together in the rocking chair Sunday morning. She is such a trooper even with it all, but she HATES when we try to clean out her nose by thrusting that blue suction bulb up her nostrils. Pretty sure she thinks we are tying to suck her brain out of her. We are taking her in to the doctor to listen to her breathing this afternoon. Ah, our life savings fading away, one $25 co-pay at a time....

Here are some pics of Kristyn singing to her this week.


Here is Addy with her best friend Aly Warner. Aly's parents, Chad and Karin, are in small group with us. In fact, our small group has three new dads and daughters, including Todd Ellis and his girl, Cara. We went to Sno To Go last week for small group, highly spiritual evening of discussing how the Holy Spirit dwells in us like soft serve ice cream in a stuffed Bahama Mama snow cone.

What a Difference a Year Makes

Check out how great the yard is coming in since I started over last fall with the help of a landscaper in the Chapel. Here are before and after shots of the front and side yard (future sports field).

Friday, April 21

Pic of the Week: Addy Learns to Take Matters Into Her Own Hands

(Before you call Child Protective Services, the second picture was staged by Dad)

Thursday, April 20

Addy Makes Her YouTube Debut

The Intersection is proud to present video for the first time. Thanks to the wonders of we can post some videos we have made, and then embed them in the blog. Here is Addy's pic (upper right hand corner, "Fish Friends") on the cover page of YouTube at 4:45 today!

Fish Friends Video

Bath Time Video II

Bath Time Video

Sunday, April 16

Snuggle Bunny

It wouldn't be a family Easter without dressing up the youngest child in ridiculous rabbit ears and making them suffer through pictures.

Easter Dinner with the Family

We were able to celebrate Easter with Jon's Grandmother and Uncle on Sunday who were able to stay through Sunday before heading back to Ohio. Somehow Addy was fed a bottle by Mom at 10:45 and then another one by the nursery staff at 11:00, so she was pretty tired. This may be techno-phobe Uncle Don's first picture on the web, so we had to make sure we got a good one. Great to see you two. Thanks again for a great lunch!

Addy's Has a Late Night Visitor...that Dad Approves Of

The Berkeley's Green Easter Bunny made his first stop at the Ritner house since we moved here in 2004. Each year, a group of fathers in the neighborhood go around on Easter eve (towing several coolers in wagons, of course) and stamp bunny paw prints from house to house as if the Bunny was hopping through the neighborhood . The tradition has it that when a family has children, the Bunny actually comes to the front door, rather than simply passing by the house. So this year was the first time we awoke to prints on the walkway. Here are some morning pictures, before the rain came and washed the prints away.

Rub a Dub Dub

Addy's favorite activity has become bath time. She sat in the tub (kitchen sink) for 30 minutes Friday night while Mom and Dad had dinner at the table. She kicks and splashes, but interestingly enough, rarely smiles while in the tub. Instead, she displays what has become known to Jon's friends as the "Ritner face." That the eye squinting concentration face that Dad makes when is focused on something. Addy brings that same intensity to her bath time. Here are some pictures from Friday night, we did catch her smiling once! (Check out her male pattern baldness in the front, not a good sign for Dad in the years to come.) But check out Mom's curls that come out when Addy's hair gets wet!

Friday, April 14

Numbers Update

The Intersection hit 2500 visits this week! (That doesn't even include all the times my sister in MN clicks refresh each Friday and Monday)

And more importantly in one week since activating Addy's AdSense account (from here on to be known as Addycents Account.) she has earned $3.23. At that weekly rate, she could make $150 by her first birthday. Thanks for clicking and searching for a good cause.

Pic of the Week: Addy Works on Her Modelling Poses

Look Right...Look Left...
Now smile...

Grandpa Ritner, Check out My Golfer's Grip

While looking over some pictures from last week, I came across this one of Addy and realized she must have learned something from Grandpa Gary (the scratch golfer in the family) when he was here last week. Look at her interlocking her grip! Now we just need to show her how to hold a club.

Naughty Naughty Addy...

Who taught this to my daughter at such an innocent age! I want to know. Uncle Dan Mac, are you responsible for this?

Monday, April 10

You Heard it from Einstein Himself!

Picture Frames...25 cents. Baby Girl....priceless

The yard sale was a success, but we didn't break last years records. JKA only made $58 and Aunt Susan and Uncle Len made $550. A little morning rain slowed down the traffic around 11 but the bottom line is we didn't have as much stuff to sell as last year, which is good news. Momma keeps a tight ship upstairs in our attic. The big news of the weekend was that we have bought a new used car to replace Kristyn's Buick which failed inspection and has no air conditioning. God totally hooked us up with a car within a week of deciding hers wasn't worth fixing. It is a 1991 Camry, with a new engine and transmission that only have 70K miles on them. Pictures of it later in the week. Kristyn is most excited that it has AC, a CD Player, and most importantly...cup holders. Ah the little things in life!

BTW, the blog made $.75 this weekend, that could be almost $50 for the year! So keep clicking on the advertisements and searching the google bar when you need to search.

Friday, April 7

Future For Sale

Saturday morning we are having our yearly garage sale with Aunt Susan and Uncle Len who live in town here with us. Last year they made over 700 bucks selling their antiques that they collect in Maine over the summer. We made 150, enough to buy the digital camera we use for the blog. This year we have already had people putting notes in my mailbox asking to see the items in advance so they can get a head start. Somehow I don't think it is my old PS2 games and extra little league jerseys they are coming to see. We will tally up the numbers for you on Monday. My prediction, JKA make 125 (although we are trying to sell Kristyn's Buick Century) and Sue and Len make 600.

Speaking of money, YOU can help put Addy through college just by visiting her blog. Every time you click on the advertisements on the right bar, or use the Google search bar on this page to search the web, Google makes a deposit into Addy's AdSense account. The search bar accesses the same information as Whatever is in the account at the end of the year, we will invest in her 529B account for college, where it will double, and triple over the next 18 years. So click away and help keep Mom and Dad out of the poor house and ensure that Addy doesn't have to go to Phoenix University Online.

Baby Barista

Addy and Daddy have a little morning tradition of making coffee together while Mom gets an extra hour of sleep. We go downstairs at 7 and brew up some Seattle's Best French Roast and relax on the counter top until 8:30 when Dad has to get ready for work and Addy takes her morning nap. Here's Addy lending a helping hand. She gets a little caffeine contact buzz of the grounds that I spill on the counter, which as you can see, makes her pretty alert in the morning.

Monday, April 3

Pic of the Week!

Addy's Big Day at the Doctor's Office

Addy had to get her dreaded 2 month shots this morning, but she was a trooper and was easily soothed after the 4 shots in her legs. Here she is showing off her cool colored. band aids afterwards for the camera

Breakfast at IHOP

Grandpa Didi and Great Grandma Berkey were in town this weekend so Monday morning we all met up for some pancakes and soy milk.

"Somebody has been sitting in my chair" said the little pig.

Dad came inside from working in the yard Saturday to find Addy watching TV in HIS CHAIR! What was she thinking. Here is Dad sneaking up on her...

Sneaking up closer.....Haha-Caught in Dads Chair!! Now somebody is going to get it!!