Monday, December 24

Stocking Stuffer

Here are some pictures and videos of Addy opening her stocking on Christmas morning. As you can see she already has perfect the Christmas morning hairstyle going. Her favorite item...the Dora the Explorer chocolate gold coins (see chocolate smile below.)

Christmas Traditions

Sunday, December 23

Addy's Second Christmas

Here is Addy, sitting on the same dryer in her Christmas dress getting ready for Christmas Sunday, last year and this year.

The Many Poses of Addy

Here is Addy this in the dress she wore for her Christmas pictures. When she put it on this morning, she asked mom to take more pictures of her. Here she is working on her best modeling poses.

Not Quite the Nutcracker...

Angel Tree Christmas

Our Small Group helped coordinate the Chapel's Angel Tree Christmas party for families with loved ones in prison this Christmas. We served dinner, played toy bingo, and then Dad gave a little Christmas message to close. The families left with 2 dozen cookies we had collected and gifts purchased by Chapel families in behalf on the inmates. Here are some pictures of the fun night.

Sunday, December 16

Yeah, New Friends!

Congratulations to Todd, Abby, and Cara Ellis on the addition of their newest family member, Reese. She was born 8 lbs 11 oz. last Sunday morning. The family is home and doing well and now we have a third family with two kids to learn from. Here are the Ellis' from Halloween at our house.

Sunday, December 9

Christmas Cookie Monsters

Braden and Addy did some cookie decorating this week and as you can see the Sprinkles were the hit of the afternoon. Braden emptied an entire canister of green sprinkles on his cookies. As you can see from the second picture below, he has some thoughts on Addy's use of the sprinkles as well. What can you say, the boy is passionate about his decorating.

And of course they had to work off some of those empty calories with a dance party afterwards.

Comfort Food

Wednesday Kristyn had 11 week doctor's appointment and while she was waiting for the doctor she had some complications. It was a little scary for her, but the ultrasound showed that the baby is moving and healthy. The doctor told her to stop exercising and picking up Addy, but other than that she can still get out, she just has to take it easy. We have been very encouraged by talking to other moms who had similar problems and delivered a healthy baby without any problems, so pray for us that we fall into that category.

'Uncle' Brett called to see how he could help and offered to bring dinner. When Kristyn said she didn't know what she wanted, he brought EVERYTHING she likes. Taco Bell, Pizza, a turkey pesto sub, and Chinese food. Just another reason why he is the world's best pro-bono Manny and hence has earned uncle status. Here was the spread.

Santa's Little Helper

As you can see, Addy did her best to make hanging holiday decorations as challenging as possible, but we managed to get the house into the Christmas spirit last weekend. She loves the Christmas tree and all the lights up around town. She is always calling out Christmas trees as we drive around or if she sees one on TV or in a book. We have a basic advent calender that we have been using to count down the days until Jesus' birthday. Not sure she has any idea what that is all about, but she gets the concept of birthday. Every time we mention it, she sings Happy Birthday, complete with the blowing out of the candles at the end of the song.

Sunday, December 2

Jump for My Love

Addy's favorite toy at Grandma's was the indoor trampoline, but since she didn't weigh enough to bounce herself, someone had to bounce it for her. Thats where Aunt Caroline comes in...

Saturday, December 1

Some Parting Thanksgiving Shots

More Boys for Addy to Choose From Someday

Clay's little brother, Brennan, was born at 5:49 AM on Thursday, November 29th. He was 19" long and weighed 8lbs 9oz. Check out the new link to the Brothers Boyer on the right.