Thursday, July 31

Story Time

Addy and Braden are becoming inseparable. At the library last week, Addy decided she wanted to read Braden a story herself. Her is her rendition and Braden's response, not sure which is funnier.

Male Bonding

Happy Birthday Jax

Monday, July 28

Williamsburg Vacation

We had a great weekend with Uncle Dan and Aunt Kristin. They are off to visit Boston and New York this week are staying near Times Square, making Dad insanely jealous. Here are some more highlights from the weekend.

Addy was very good at dinner with her coloring books.

Sunday afternoon .69 cent taco tradition continues....

Cooling Off from the Summer Heat

We took Jack to the pool this weekend and let him get out of the car seat which was getting pretty hot. So here he is getting some second hand sun while sleeping in the shade.

After a day in the sun, we had to give the little man a bath. Here Addy is getting the tub ready with her wide assortment of cups.

And for old times sake, here is Addy's first bath too. Man, I forgot how much more hair she had than Jax!

Trying to be as Cool as Uncle Dan

(More from Uncle Dan and Aunt Kristen's visit later in the day, we are off to hang some new pictures in Addy's room before her nap.)

Saturday, July 19

Saturday at Addy's Salon

Now that Addy gets her hair cut pretty regularly with Mom and Dad, she has taken an interest in "cutting" Dad's hair. Here are three of the highlights from today's spa treatment, which as you will notice, never involve actually brushing or even pretending to cut Dad's hair.

Jax Gets Into the Recliner Routine

Friday, July 18

Forget to post the funniest moment in Addy's life so far from over the weekend.
We are driving home from date night last week in the van and prepping her that it is time for "Night Night." She says, "Two minutes to play," as an attempt at a bargain. Dad thinks about that and knows that when those two minutes are up she will throw a tantrum, so I try to cut it off.
D: "Ok, Addy, you can have two minutes, but when the timer goes off, you have to go right upstairs and go to bed. Okay?"
A: "Yes"
D: "Ok, two minutes to play, then right upstairs."
A: "Ok"
D: "Ok, so when the timer goes off, what are you going to do?"
A: "Cry,"
She said it completely dry and expressionless, as if she was just stating the facts of life for me. Kristyn and I burst into laughter, to which she starting laughing as well and saying, "Ha Ha Ha, I am going to cry, Ha Ha Ha"

Thursday, July 17

Jack had his first dr. appt yesterday and weighed in at 8 lbs and 21 inches (he has shrunk an inch I guess).  He was 25% in weight, 75% in height (just like Addy all her life so far) but surprisingly he was only in the 5% in his head circumference. Good news for a kid whose dad once had a Wiffle Ball team named after him...Captain Melonhead and the Boys.

New Toys for Big Sister

Many thanks to all of you who have sent Addy big sister gifts as well as sending things on to Jack. She is beginning to realize this big sister thing is pretty sweet, once you get into it a little bit. Here she is wearing Aunt Jessica and Uncle Chris' new kitchen cooking gear and playing in her new dollhouse that we have been saving since Christmas just for this transition with Jack.

Fresh Summer Produce

When Grandma was here two weeks ago, she helped Addy plant some cherry tomatoes. Well yesterday, we picked the first two ripe ones to Addy's great enjoyment.

Wednesday, July 16

Praise God!

Just talked to Doc and Katie and all the tests came back negative and the doctors released them to go home and get some sleep. Finn has been fine all day since his seizure last night (except for waking up kind of rough from the anesthesia, and the Pediatrician will follow up this week.

Patrick sends his appreciation for those who prayed and thought about them today, as do I!

"Hey Everyone, We got the green light last night to go home from the hospital and took it. We got home about eight o'clock and were asleep by eight-fifteen. Finn is fine. He's playing and cooing and pooping and doing all the things a four month old should do. The doctors really have no idea what caused the seizure, but they think it may be fever related. So we're supposed to be pretty agressive about giving him tylenol when he starts having fever signs.
If anyone wants more info, please give me a call. As for now Kate is home with Finn and I'm at work trying to get back to normal life. Thank you for all your prayers and emails. We all really appreciate it. -Patrick, Kate and Finn"

Please Pray for Finn

Last Night
Here's what happened. Finn got his booster shots today and was a little tired from the tylenol but other than that was okay. Then about four thirty tonight Kate said she was sitting with him on the couch and his eyes rolled in his head and he started shalking. At this point Kate called 911 and then me. And then she said he stopped breathing for awhile so she did CPR and he got better and started breathing again.

The ambulance came and we got to the hospital and that's where we are now. Finn looks great right now. His bloodwork came back normal and it looks like he'll be okay. We need to see a neurologist next and it sounds like we'll need a ct scan or something. Anyway that's the scoop and I'll send updates later. Finn's looking fine so hopefully this is just a reaction to the shots and not epilepsy or a brain tumor. Thanks for the prayers and everything. Updates to come.

This morning:
Finn is getting sedated and scanned at eleven. -Patrick and katie

Monday, July 14

Cubs in First at the Break

In honor of the 8 Cubs on the All Star Roster and their 4.5 game lead at the Mid Season Break, Jackson donned his throwback baseball uniform.

The Leaning Tower of Addy

The video tells the story...

New Faces in Newtown

Kristyn, Laurie, Nina, Leah and Meredith took the kids to Story Time last Friday at Barnes and Noble. Then they played at the train table (which to the mother's great lament has only 2 trains on it for about nine kids who seem to congregate) and then outside at the fountain. As you can see, Jax made his first Mom's Mafia Outing (MMO) as well and hung with Coleman in the strollers.

Family Date Night

We took the family out on Friday night to Uno's for our first family date night as a 4 man team. We called ahead for our pizza, since they take forever, and then they made the wrong one! But the manager remade ours and gave it to us to go as a gift. So we ended up with a 2 for 1 pizza deal and didn't have to wait for 45 minutes for a pizza to be made. We topped that off with some DQ on the way home!

Addy is all into playing doctor and putting band aids on everyone and then ripping them off.

When we were leaving, we saw a Harley sitting the parking lot and Addy was fascinated with it. She wanted to go touch it and then started into a long impression of a bike. This was the tail end when she got goofy about it.

Someone to Cuddle with Again

It has been so great to have a little munchkin again that loves to be held. So far our feeding plan has been going very smoothly. We wake him up every three hours to feed (7AM, 10, 1PM, 4, 7, 10, and then let him wake up once in the night, no later than 3AM) He has been sticking to that schedule pretty well. As soon as you wrap him up tight in one of his swaddlers, he is out!

Uncle Brett Returns

Brett was in North Carolina on a missions trip last week when Jackson was born, so he has been by a bunch to hang out since returning. Here he is playing with Addy and holding Jack.

Thursday, July 10

Addy and her Babysitter Friends

Here is Addy with her Nate and Kaylin who play with her each Tuesday and Thursday. Their mom, Leah, watches Addy twice a week and does a great job of doing arts and crafts and teaching the kids little lessons. Addy loves being there, as you can tell!

Monday, July 7

Addy's First Faith Healing

Here is Addy trying to perform her first faith healing on Jackson's neck in order to make him hold his head up straight. When that doesn't work, she just yells at him.

Little Dude

Well this is pretty much the extent of Jax awake time. Sitting propped up somewhere with his hands tied down so he doesn't poke his eyes out. We do give him some tummy time and some stretching time each day, but other than eating, he doesn't last long in this position before he falls back asleep.

Amazingly for Mom, he has been sleeping from 10:30-3AM and then again from 3:30Am-7 AM with just the one feeding at 3. It has been great since Dad can do the 10:30 and 7 and mom only has to get up once to feed him at night. Grandma left today, so Kristyn may not get the naps she has been getting with extra help here, so now the real fun begins.