Monday, March 29

Amazing all that can come out of her mouth...

Nature Girl

A White Boy Trying to Dance

Stroller Racing..Jax favorite game ever

Purpose Driven Egg Hunting

2010 William and Mary Hall of Fame Induction for Mike Cook

Eggselent Saturday Morning


Here are Addy and Jax at their worst and best. Fighting at Brusters to measure their height for free cones, and then jofully sharing popcorn during a movie night.

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Friday, March 26

Newest Fun Phrase

Addy's new phrase that we love is, "I forgot my mind."  At first we thought it meant, "I lost my mind", now turns out it means, "I forgot what I was thinking."

Saturday, March 6

Spin Cycle

Addy and Jax hate when we have to wash their beloved blanket and bubbies.  Mom decided this irrational anguish  needed to be preserved on film.

Addy takes her first shower and loves it

Pajama Party Saturdays