Monday, April 28

Friday, April 25

Another Future Bridesmaid

Congratulations to Craig and Sally on the birth of their baby girl, Rachel Everett Falwell (Evie) born this morning at 4:44 ET and weighing in at 5 pounds 9 ounces, 18 inches long. More pictures on the Falwell's blog (listed off to the right).

Thursday, April 24

Naked and Unashamed

After Mom read our family devotional after dinner, Addy wanted to read some herself. As she was reading to us, she turns the page and gets her first taste of the Bible's more intimate side. (The quality is bad because I just happen to be taping on my cell phone.)

"Uh ohh, naked! "

Small Group Produces Our Ninth Straight Baby Girl

Congrats to Lacy and Jon Lowe, former small groupers and their new baby Sarah Grace Lowe 8lbs 5oz, 19 inches, born Wednesday 4/23/2008 @ 7:33pm. Look at that faux hawk. Solid!

Saturday, April 19

One Kid's Trash is Another Kid's Treasure

A family in our neighborhood offered their playground set to anyone who would take it off their property. We cleared some of the wooded area on the edge of the yard about a week ago. Then Dad's college bible study helped move it over on this week and then we bolted it all up today. Addy loves having her own swings to play on and after a fresh wax on the slide, Addy can goto 0-25 MPH in 8 feet.

Monday, April 14

Dinner and a Movie (Review)

Some dear Chapel friends took the family (+Grandma) out to dinner last night at a new restaurant in town. We had a fantastic time and the best part was that Addy was in rare form, keeping it together until about 7:45 and putting on quite a side show after dinner.

Here we are waiting for our food.

Give this video some time, when it gets to about 40 seconds, Addy launches in to a 30 second uninterrupted review of Willy Wonka's candy factory tour. Count how many times she says Chocolate...

And after dinner, nearly 30 minutes past bedtime, still eating (well if you call dipping oranges in water a form of eating) and still with energy to burn.

Friday, April 11

Caged Animal

Dad and Addy pretended she was a lion in a cage this week.

Then we had to try to feed her through the cage. She could only eat the food items that fit. She thought that was fun since cookies and donuts all seemed to fit in her cage

Out of This World

Addy was having an E.T. moment this week, wanting to bring all her stuffed animals downstairs with her to watch some morning shows.

Old Fashioned Family Values

Mom had Addy in the kitchen last Saturday morning making cookies. Addy's hair was in rare form. I think she looks like one of Charlie's Angels. Straight 70's.

Monday, April 7

The One Dimpled Wonder

Dad dropped his cell phone in a cup of coffee last week and killed it. So yesterday I finally got another used phone activated and had to replace my wallpaper with a new picture of Addy. Turns out this phone has a better camera, and took my new favorite picture of Addy. So I had to share...

Saturday, April 5

Saturday Morning Picnic and PlayDoh

Mom and Addy spent Saturday morning having a breakfast picnic under the kitchen table and then constructing a volcano out of every Playhoh color Addy could find.

Tuesday, April 1


Much love to Cassidy and Ryan, Jon's Mom, the Warners, Laurie Lee, Kim in Chicago, Amanda in Colorado, and Bernie Newton for making Dad's day by falling for our April Fool's Joke.

PS: And a special thanks to John and Susan Foubert's baby girl Meg for standing in as "Riley Dylan." That would be the biggest 3 month premature baby I have ever seen!

Its a Girl!

Kristyn starting having some pain last night and we went in to the hospital around 1:30 to check her out. The nurses said she was in early labor and that they had to begin an immediate C Section to rescue the baby since it was so premature. Two hours later, we were shocked to find out we had a new baby Girl! (So much for the ultra sound techs in WMBG!!) Anyway, Chooch will have to wait, meet Riley Dylan Ritner. Mom is doing great, but Riley is in the NICU for a while. More to come soon.