Monday, October 30

Homecoming and Halloween

Two Front Teeth

Some of you have asked about the teething. Well here is photo evidence that the two bottom ones are in. Mom and Dad are still debating whether anything is coming in on the top yet or not.

Friday, October 27


Last night the Chapel Junior Slam completed their undefeated season winning the semi finals 14-10 and the championships 12-10 to wrap up a 14-0 Fall Season. In classic Slam form, we let them load the bases with 1 out in the 5th and no outs in the 6th before deciding to turn on the defense and escape BOTH innings without letting in any runs. We took pictures to send in to Louisville Slugger as a Testimonial of the power of the Catalyst bat. This summer we were 6-8 and only one player on the team had hit a ball out of the park. This fall we each chipped in to buy a $250 bat and one season later we went 14-0 and 5 different players hit at least one homerun! (Jon would NOT be one of them!) Ah...the sweet smell of perfection will linger in the Winter air until next May when the County bumps us up a leage and we get massacred again in C league.

Tuesday, October 24

Monday, October 23

Pic of the Week: Daddy's Favorite Girls

Shake it Addy....


Sniflfles McSmile-a-Lot

Here are Addy's rosy cheeks and scratched nose, both from her being sick this week, we think she was trying to rub her nose at night when she scratched it. (Not sure what sign she is working on here, she may be throwing a gang sign she learned in the nursery from Braden Lee or Hudson Sylvester.

Blacktop Ballers

Addy and Ali Warner hit the court this weekend to celebrate the opening of college basketball season. Ali's dad, Chad, is coaching at Hampden -Sydeney this fall, after being at WM last year. Kristyn and Addy went to visit the Warner in Farmville while Jon was at the Men's retreat in Virginia Beach.

Monday, October 16

Praise and Worship for Infants: Clay May Not Be Ready for Religion Yet


Grandma French Comes to Town

Jon's mom was in town last weekend and her and Kristyn continued playing a game with Addy that she had learned while in Chicago, where we say, "How big is Addy?" and she raises her hands when we say, "so big." Here are some pictures of Addy learning to do it and her wanting to see her results on film!

Pic of the Week: Addy Works on Her Sign Language Skills

We are trying to teach Addy how to sign everyday expression like...please, thank you, more, all done, food, and sleep. Slow going at first, but we were suprised how quick she had learned "How Big is Addy?" that we decided to try it. So the first day we were doing it, she found the parent cheat sheet and decided to do some homework on her own I guess.

A Weekend 'NOVAcation

Sorry for the slow weekend posting, we went up to Fredericksburg to visit The Boyers for Scott's birthday, which means more time for Addy and Clay to hang out together. Addy slept in her new carseat on the way up, and we had a great time, going to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and enjoying watching the two little ones play together.

Long week ahead for Jon getting ready for the Men's retreat, which will be much harder since my laptop hard drive crashed on Friday and all my retreat files are on the desktop, hence not backed up on my server. Chapel techies are working on restoring the files for me, but what a pain on the biggest week of my year

Monday, October 9

Click Fraud or Good Samaritans?...and the best new way to make a buck!

Well, someone either put together a good way for a fantastic Monday, or Google had some click fraud going on last night because by 7:30 AM this morning we had 24 clicks on 31 views for a total of $7.12 Well either way thank you to someone. We're up to $88 and change.

Secondly, for those of you looking to make some extra cash while being online, a new search engine called will pay you to help find things for people who are searching on their site. They train you and walk you through the whole process. You get to pick keywords that are in your area of expertise, like Bob Dylan and the 49ers, then you get paid per minute to help people find things. It is real easy and even better, they actually pay you. I am up to $27 bucks in only two days, and I basically do it while watching TV or working on emails. Not too consuming at all.

If you want an invite to become a paid guide, send Jon an email at and I will invite you to join my Cha Cha guide network (currently because of its popularity after being featured on Good Morning America and other shows, you need to be invited to become a guide.).

Princess in Training

Addy had her first dress up party Saturday to celebrate Hudson Sylvester's first birthday. She was a baby princess, enrolled in the Princess Academy, and wore Mom's high school prom queen tiara. The best costume of the day had to be Eli Streb's full body New England Lobster outfit. We think he sweat off 5 pounds in that thing. Eli's parents, Ashley Streb and Sara Golden went to Fox Lane High School with Jon so it was good to see them again. In the group baby picture is Hudson (in the giraffe costume) as well is Charlotte Young (pumpkin). Congrats to her parents Joel and Julie for surviving the first month of parenthood!

Taking it to the Next Level

Addy will only climb the stairs if you climb with her, or sit at the top and call her to you. Thankfully, she has not ventured up them on her own, so we dont have to fence them off yet. The best part of this video is that you can hear her first word! Thats right Addy is speaking! Turns out her first language is not English, but African Pigmy. We believe she is clicking out the word for spiral staircase. It is faint, but if you listen you can pick it up. One short click followed by two long clicks.


Saturday, October 7

Addy's New Car Seat

We finally had to bite the bullet and get Addy a bigger car seat. Her legs were hanging out of the other one and we couldn't stretch the straps any further. Of course, she still hates being in it, but the new tags gave her something to play with for a little while at least.

Pic of the Week

This is proof that Addy will try to put anything in her mouth, even immovable objects like door stops!

Addy and Daddy Reconnecting

Thursday, October 5

10 Items or Less Only

The family went shopping Thursday night after Dad had lived off canned vegetables and imitation crab meat sandwiches for a week. Addy loves riding in the cart and smiling at everyone in the store and thankfully she isn't old enough to beg for the Sugar Cereals yet. Ah, the joys of toddlers!

Tuesday, October 3

The Bachelor Pad

Well, the girls are coming home tomorrow, and not a day too soon! The house starts to reek like man after Kristyn is away for a week. If you look past the boring nights, cold bed, and stink the settles in everywhere, I can only think of 5 benefits of living alone.

5. Sleeping until 8:45 every morning.
4. Setting up two TVs in the living room to allow for PS2 and sports at the same time.
3. Leaving all the reading material on the floor in the bathroom. Newspaper, magazines, novels, Bible, its all in there.
2. No one complains when I stink the house up by cooking seafood.
1. Not having to make the bed all week!

Definitely not worth it! Pictures of their return will be up Thursday.