Monday, October 9

Click Fraud or Good Samaritans?...and the best new way to make a buck!

Well, someone either put together a good way for a fantastic Monday, or Google had some click fraud going on last night because by 7:30 AM this morning we had 24 clicks on 31 views for a total of $7.12 Well either way thank you to someone. We're up to $88 and change.

Secondly, for those of you looking to make some extra cash while being online, a new search engine called will pay you to help find things for people who are searching on their site. They train you and walk you through the whole process. You get to pick keywords that are in your area of expertise, like Bob Dylan and the 49ers, then you get paid per minute to help people find things. It is real easy and even better, they actually pay you. I am up to $27 bucks in only two days, and I basically do it while watching TV or working on emails. Not too consuming at all.

If you want an invite to become a paid guide, send Jon an email at and I will invite you to join my Cha Cha guide network (currently because of its popularity after being featured on Good Morning America and other shows, you need to be invited to become a guide.).

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