Sunday, December 24

Twas the Night Before Addy's First Christmas...

Addy survived a long Christmas Eve that saw her Dedication in the morning and the Ritners and McKendricks lighting the Advent Candles at night. 6 Services in one day, and Addy was at 3 of them. Not even a year old and she is already adjusting to life as a preacher's kid. Here she is at night with Mom and Dad, and in the morning with the McKendricks and Aunt Sue and Uncle Len.

And the starlet all by herself primping before her big morning.

Friday, December 22

Merry Christmas from the Ritners

The McKendricks are on their way from Chicago as I write and we are looking forward to a nice Christmas day with them and Aunt Sue and Uncle Len here at the house. Addy is being dedicated at the Chapel on Sunday morning at the 10:45 service so we will be sure to get some family pictures up as well from that. Have a great Christmas eve all! We will be sure to document Addy's first Christmas morning for you next week.

Thursday, December 21

Every Dad's Fear...

So I am sitting at Barnes and Noble's working and for some reason as I look out at the high school girl straddling her boyfriend in public I feel led to pray harder than usual for my daughter's purity as she gets older. Hopefully by the year 2022 they will have made dating illegal and arranged marraiges will be the norm.

Wednesday, December 20

The Many Sounds of Addy

New Play Place

Addy found a new place to play this week, not sure how comfortable it is to sit inside a plastic shipping crate for 2 Liters, but I guess when you are that small....

Pretty in Purple

Saturday, December 16

Pic of the Week: Bundled Up for Winter

Rock Around the Clock

Addy decided to try out Dad's old rocking chair from his childhood. She seems to have the rocking down like an old pro. Of course she cant get into or out of the chair by herself, but man can she rock!

Like Mommy, Like Addy

Addy displays her newfound love for shoes, purses and credit cards! this new face is classic Addy these days, impersonating Dad's sniffles in her own snorting soon to follow.

Monday, December 11

Pic of the YEAR so far..

Hands down the best smile yet from Addy and checkout her new overalls! She looks more and more like baby pics of Kristyn every day with those narrow eyes.

Saturday, December 9

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

After being a little intimidated by the Christmas tree, Addy has taken to wanting to grab all the ornaments and the lights...and yes it is a fake tree (back off siblings! We know we sold out to the man...)

Pic of the Week: Addy Meets Santa

Monday, December 4

Like Daddy, Like Addy

Addy has taken to sitting on Dad's side of the reclining sofa and playing with his remote and using the phone. She hasn't quite figured that you have to put it up to your ear, but she sure knows how to turn it on and off and dial the numbers. Won't be long before she makes the dreaded accidental 911 call.

Pic of the Week: Two Top Teeth

Decorating with the Griswolds

While we were staying with Becky and Rocky in Chicago last week, Rocky, an avid biker, set up his new Christmas toy that his dad gave him. Clark W. would be proud of you Rocky!