Wednesday, December 31

Christmas Eve

The Ritner family lit the Final Candle of Advent on Christmas Eve. Jackson tried to steal the show by ripping the reading out of Mom's hand, but she prevailed. Addy tried to run up on stage as Dad went up to do the invocation, but an alert church goer grabbed her before she could make it to the top step of the platform.

Here is Jackson taking his Christmas Eve bath before getting dressed.

When we got home, our neighbors, Doug and Linda, had inflated their Frosty the Snowman. Addy has been memorized by both the first and sequel Frosty on DVD this Christmas. And since 2 year olds don't seem to care whether a friend is real or fake, she was so excited to go over and hug him and tell him Merry Christmas. Linda made a card for Addy from Frosty and taped it to his scarf, she was SO excited! Now we have to go over and say good night whenever we are out and about town at night.

Pic of the Week: Cookie Making Divas

No More Laying Down on this Job!

Jack is finally sitting up. Here are some pics of him from the last week. We got back from DC last night with two sick kids and Dad with no voice after two days of a sore throat. More pics on the way, sorry for the delay.

Tuesday, December 23

Girls Night Out

Before Christmas the girls had a night out at a local bed and breakfast that we had a coupon for, but they didn't make it to breakfast. Or to sleep for that matter! Addy was too wound up about sharing a bed with Mom and wanted to talk all night. She kept sitting up and saying, "I am NOT TIRED!" So at 10, after three hours with the lights out, they came home. When Addy walked in the door, she turned to me and said, "Dad, I don't like hotels!"

Wednesday, December 17

Pic of the Year: Now and Then

So today we were looking through some old pics from when Addy was Jax age and we came across a blog post that proclaimed "Pic of the Year." Lets just say we were less than impressed considering our 2008 Pic of the Year that we just took last week. Crazy how your kids can always looks so beautiful to their parents!

So, w

Monday, December 15

Sibling Rivalry: The highs and lows of Addy and Jax

So Addy has these moments where she is so compassionate towards Jack...

Then Jack falls over on her one morning, and she starts yelling, "jack is touching me!"

Then before you know it, she is cuddling on him again that night!

Jumping Jax

Making Christmas Cookies in the 21st Century

Cookies brought to you by Crayola!

Addison in Action

Action Jackson

The human candy cane.

Oh man, I can't wait to get into trouble!!

Gumming on dad's pizza crust.

While out in CW on Saturday, the one day it was chilly.

Family Fun Weekend

Aunt Jessica and Uncle Chris came in from Minneapolis for the weekend, to escape 6 inches of snow, and see the little ones. It was 65 on Monday when they left! Here are some highlights of our time together including, walking on DOG Street in CW, opening presents, making cookies, etc.

Here is Addy and Mom reading her new pop up book she got, and Jax laying on his new monogrammed blanket.

The red scratch on Addy's nose is from her pulling down a stocking holder off the mantle and on to her nose..ouch.

Saturday in CW.

Listening to the singers outside of the Bookstore.

and pooped on the walk home.