Wednesday, December 31

Christmas Eve

The Ritner family lit the Final Candle of Advent on Christmas Eve. Jackson tried to steal the show by ripping the reading out of Mom's hand, but she prevailed. Addy tried to run up on stage as Dad went up to do the invocation, but an alert church goer grabbed her before she could make it to the top step of the platform.

Here is Jackson taking his Christmas Eve bath before getting dressed.

When we got home, our neighbors, Doug and Linda, had inflated their Frosty the Snowman. Addy has been memorized by both the first and sequel Frosty on DVD this Christmas. And since 2 year olds don't seem to care whether a friend is real or fake, she was so excited to go over and hug him and tell him Merry Christmas. Linda made a card for Addy from Frosty and taped it to his scarf, she was SO excited! Now we have to go over and say good night whenever we are out and about town at night.

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