Monday, October 29

Addy Finally Takes an Interest in Babies

After playing with babies and talking about babies all the time, Addy finally decided she wanted to hold Seth Stopper who is about 3 months old. Here she is giving him lovies. Of course when she decided she had had enough, she did try to push Seth off her lap and onto the floor, but at least it is a start.

Videos from Last Weekend

Addy getting ready for the Halloween party.

Clay and Addy running circles downstairs. They had been doing this for five minutes before we went and finally got the camera. So fun to watch them play by themselves.

Halloween Party at the Cooks

Here is our little angel dressed up for Peter Cook's annual Halloween party. With the black shoes she ended up looking a little more like Tinkerbell then an angel, but cute none the less.

Fall is Here

The moms took the kiddos out to a farm last week with the MOPS moms for a hayride and pumpkin picking. Braden Lee and Peter Cook joined Addy.
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Pic of (Last) Week

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This Could Get Expensive, Part 2

Addy and Mom did their toes for the first time together this week, then Addy tried on another pair of new shoes.

William and Mary 10 Year Class Reunion

We had a great time this weekend at WM Homecoming with the old FCA Leadership Team from 1997. We also had some local WM alumni as well from that era. We had 11 adults and 9 kids, the house was a little crazy, but we all had a great time.

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Wednesday, October 24

Niners Look Just as Bad in Person

Well, so much for breaking the losing streak for my beloved 49ers by attending a game in person. They got crushed in NY by the Giants, but Kristyn and I had a great time, and Grandma got to spend some great time with Addy while we were there. Here are some pics from the day, check out Kristyn even supporting Dad's team with her earrings!

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Monday, October 15

You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go

Neither of them know it yet, but Hudson has less than a month left in Williamsburg, and most of that will be traveling with the family. Probably only one or two more play days left for the two best buddies and neighbors. Sad to think that they won't even remember each other from these days, we will have to keep them together so we can show them pictures of all the fun they had together.

Off to the Races

We have begun a nighttime tradition of setting the timer with 10 minutes left to go before bedtime. Just a way of helping Addy know when it it is time to go upstairs. Not sure it is making the transition any easier. Watch her reaction when the timer goes off. Usually she doesn't even take this long to react. She is ready to be a sprinter though.

Monday, October 8

This Could Get Expensive

Addy has developed quite a little shoe fetish. She is always wearing Mom and Dad's shoes and and anytime anyone comes over and takes their shoes off, she tries them on. We found some dress up shoes this weekend that she can wear as well, heels no less (See video below.)


Wednesday, October 3

Mini Me

It is still amazing to me (Dad) how much Addy observes while we have no idea she is even paying attention. Tonight she was sitting on the bathroom counter while I was blow drying her hair before bed. Without any fan fare, she picked up my contact case and stuck her finger into it. Then she gently began poking at her closed eye, imitating us putting in our contacts in the morning. She had no idea that we actually put something in our eye, she just sees the motion, and decided that she wanted to do that to. Again, scary to think what else she is picking up from us. What an awesome responsibility being a parent is in shaping a little person's actions and behavior.

So Much for Kids Being Made Out of Rubber

Addy's buddy Braden had a tough Tuesday, pulling a table over onto him and breaking both his forearms. Doctors say 6 weeks in the casts, but full recovery after that. Addy went to give him a get well hug yesterday.

Monday, October 1

Shout Out to My Peeps

Be patient, past the colors are some personal shout outs.

The post "Pumpkin Kiss" pose is Addy giving the Pumpkin a hug, or "lovies" as we call it.

Pic of the Week: Purple Balloon

Addy got a balloon at Farm Fresh on Saturday which turned out to be hours of free fun. She was in the best mood after playing with it, so we tried to get her to sit still for some pictures and videos (see above post for videos.)