Wednesday, May 13

Famous in France

While showing pictures of Jack to friends in France, we were told he looked a lot like one of France's comic book stars, Tintin. Check out the similarity for yourself.

Thursday, May 7

Shake it Jack!

Pics from Last Week

this is classic Jax at dinner time when he is finshed eating and wants to go to bed. the hands cover the eyes, and the pasta goes all over the face.

What You Looking AT!?

I am not up on my gang signs, is this east coast or west coast?

Piling in uncle brett
Addy with her flowers she and mom planted last sunday

Friday, May 1

A New Friend for Jackson

Welcome to Brayden Stephenson 7Lbs 6Oz and 20in. Congratulations to Ryan and Coleen Stephenson on their first baby!