Tuesday, August 28

Bathtime in Chicago

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Front Porch Camping at Na Na and Pop Pops

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The Original Girls with Curls

Kristyn with her two best friends from Villa Park, Lori and Becky. After Dad left, Kristyn got a chance to go out with her girlfriends.

Monday, August 27

Family Date Night

We took Uncle Dan and Aunt Courtney to Enchanted Castle and Dunkin/Robbins in Villa Park with Addy. Some mini golf, pizza dinner and Dad being too cheap to pay for a real car ride, and then we were ready for a double scoop cone each. As you can see, Addy saved plenty of room for desert.

Bursting Her Bubbles

If you listen close, you can hear Addy saying, "plink, plink" as she pops the bubbles. Kristyn says that when they read one of her books with bubbles. It is AMAZING how much kids pick up without you even knowing you are teaching them.

Day at the Brookfield Zoo

Addy loved our outing with the cousins to the Zoo. She knew so many animal names and sounds from her books at home, so it was fun to show her the real animals. Addy can say Monkey, G-raffe, Duck, Fish, Frog, Lion, Tiger, and Bear and we got to see all of those. Of course, like all kids, she was into the monkeys the most. It must be the fun of saying "Ooh Ahh" all day long.

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Pic of the Week: Addy Strikes Dad's Favorite Pose

Family Reunion Pictures

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From the File of Things that Are Only Funny to Dad When You are 1 yr old

Back from Chicago

I just got back from Chicago after a great vacation and family reunion. The girls get back Tuesday. More pics to come soon.

Monday, August 13

Prayer Warrior

Addy has learned how to fold her hands and pray before meals, complete with a loud "Amen" at the end. Now we are praying before she goes to bed. We ask her who she wants to pray for each night. She asks to pray for GG, Grandma, Na Na and Pop Pop, and her friends. Of course last week she also asked to pray for all three of her baby dolls and then for cookies as well. We hoped she meant her friend Peter Cook, as opposed to praying that Mom would give her more cookies. Or even worse, pray that the chocolate chip cookies get saved. We may have to break out the Systematic Theology text book if that is the case.

Girl's Got Skillz

Ride 'Em Cowgirl

Hooked on Minnie Mouse

Monday, August 6

Cleaning Up from the Beach

Swinging from the Trees

Lake Gaston Getaway

We spent the weekend with 20 kids and 18 adults in one beach house on Lake Gaston, NC. Contrary to how chaotic it sounds, it was very relaxing. Paperbacks in the hammocks, jet skis, tubing, chasing water snakes with shovels, playing cards at night, great friends, and fantastic summer food spreads. Addy was loving all the attention from the 2 and 3 year olds who played with "Baby Addy" all weekend long. Here are some pics from our camera with more to come later from the rest of the group.

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