Friday, October 30

As Close as Dad is Going to Get to Number Three

Don't worry, he is not ours. It is the new Petty-file, Macgray.

Sunday, October 25


Addy just came running in the room with a microphone singing, "Love is in the Air- First John 4-7 and 8."

Not sure that is exactly what that verse says.

The Girls

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Homecoming 2009

The Boyers made their annual trek down to Williamsburg for Homecoming. It was fun to see Addy and Clay getting along so well, and Brennan and Jax just trying to stay up with the two older ones.

Homecoming Face Painting

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Sweet Tooth

Addy had her first trip the dentist on Friday, and despite finding one cavity, she did great in the chair. The best part, the bubble gum flouride of course!

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Tuesday, October 20

Weekend Leftovers

Kristyn and I had lunch with Ravi Zacharias and some members of the Chapel today in preparation for his two speaking events here this week, one tonight at the church and tomorrow night on campus at W&M. Ravi is a Trinity Alum as well and has always been one of my favorite speakers and authors.

We celebrated Uncle Brett's birthday over the weekend and the girls made him a Carolina Panthers cake to share with us and his small group of HS guys. Still not sure how Kristyn's football uprights turned out like soccer goals, but oh well, it was the thought that counts!

Sunday, October 18

Artist in Residence

Thanks to Grandma for the fantastic new paint set she sent Addy this week. Here she is breaking it in.


Shoe Fetish

After a week of shoes disappearing at a steady rate with no explanation, Mom discovered the culprit-Jax had been throwing them out in the laundry room garbage can, check out how many he had gotten in before we caught him-or worse, threw that garbage out!


We went pumpkin picking AND celebrated Cara Ellis' 4th birthday yesterday at Pumpkinville. As you can see, it was sweatshirt weather!

Fancy Pants

Addy and Mom went to a Fancy Nancy Luncheon last week with some of her friends. Fancy Nancy is a character from a book series that Addy loves about a little girl who loves to play dress up around her house and have adventures. As you can see, she is not the only one who likes the books...she went with three of her friends as well.

Saturday, October 17

The Many Outfits of Addy

Getting ready for her Fancy Nancy Party

Sweatpants over her Cinderella Dress...not sure why


Love those Spaghettios!

Monday, October 12