Saturday, July 17

Like Father, Like Son (while thinking of Grandpa Gary!)

Jax and I watching the third round of the British open from St. Andrews. Jax likes to tell me everytime someone swings, "Dad! They hit the ball!!"

Fireman Fred

The French students toured the Firestation, so the family tagged along. Kristyn always jokes that if I die, she is going to marry a Fireman in NYC. So this picture was just too funny to pass up.

Friends from France

Our French guests, Lea and Solenne, taking a walk with the family. There are with us for 12 days on an exchange program.

Saturday Morning Family Run to IHOP

Off Roading

Every boys dream...a bed to jump on.

Cinderella Ballet

Sibling Love

Free Food for Cows at Chick Fil A

Jax New Bed

Chapel Family Fridays

Our homemade set for The Price is Right.

Sunday, July 4

Fourth of July Update

addy and her scarf that she decided on her own to wear to dinner on family date night

Auntie Kate

On the ferry with the lees heading over to pick blueberries.

The only way to watch world cup soccer, surrounded by the people you love.

Aunt Nancy and Cousin Megan's visit from Chicago.

Thanks to katie and doc for the great fruit and chocolate basket!