Wednesday, April 29

Aspiring Artists

Here is Addy and her school friends making a Disney Princess' mural that Ms. Leah drew up for them.

Notice she is in a Snow White dress as she colors!

Tuesday, April 28

Back from France

We just got back on Saturday night from a 12 day trip to France. The kids stayed with Grandma French for a week in PA, and then with NaNa and Pop Pop McKendrick who came to WMBG to stay with them here at the house. Jon was invited to speak at a pastor’s conference in Aix en Provence that is hosted by Chapel missionaries. So we decided, since we are already going to be there…why not add some vacation. So we did three days in Paris, one day in Lyon with a student that we hosted 4 years ago, named Loic (see picture below of him and his sister and us.) We also spend a couple days in Marseilles where Jon preached twice on Sunday, once in French with a translator, and once in English to the International Congregation.

More pics on Facebook for those who check there as well, or want to friend me in order to see them (Blogger is getting real slow at uploading our new camera’s pictures!)

Here are Dan and Nancy Painter, our Chapel Missionaries (on the outsides) and Max and Gissela who hosted us for a couple of days in their amazing home overlooking the Mediterranean.

Preaching with French pastor Jean Raymond

Loic and his sister in Lyon.

This is the team from the conference for International Pastors in France, Germany, and Italy.

Happy Easter

Here are some highlights from Eastermorning 2009.

Thursday, April 9

All Smiles

Tuesday, April 7

Movie Highlights

Jaxx, you can't stop him, you can only hope to contain him.

Daily Dress up outfit, the princess at her best

Addy dancing with her Bunny, a pretty good partner who lets you toss them around like this during the routine.

Jack is too cool to use both hands, so he simply has a one handed so big routine he does.

Saturday, April 4

Spring Break Family Fun

Grandpa Ritner and Grandma Pam along with Emmy and Ellie came to town this week for 2 quick, but packed days. It was their first time meeting Jackson, and for Addy, it was quite a stretch to think of her two Aunts (8, 10) as anything but long lost sisters.

Some more random pics

This one is for Papa in Chicago.


Jackson getting a little charismatic during the grace at dinner one night.

Feeding Frenzy

Family Project Saturday

We took a free Saturday and decided on a whim to repaint the kids bathroom upstairs from the dull green to a bright underwater blue that Mom had some accessories for in storage. Here are some highlights.

Second Children Blues

Yeah, you can see that second kids don't quite get the same TLC that the oldest child gets. That's what Jax gets for being the only person in the family who is not a first child. Scarred for life, I am sure.

Little Miss Independent

Addy built a fort under the dining room table, and as every girl fort ever, No Boys were Allowed!

Addy working on her off season hopscotch with Dad.