Tuesday, February 27

Dad's Day Off Routine

Each and every Monday, Daddy and Addy head out after her afternoon nap to Farm Fresh to go grocery shopping. Check out her J-Lo baby blue jumpsuit she was sporting this week. A couple of free samples from the bakery and a a sippy cup of juice is usually all it takes to keep her happy. But regardless of how crabby she is getting towards the end of the experience, she always rallies at the check out register when she gets to ride the checkout conveyor belt alongside the groceries. Here she is this Monday (pardon the bad cell phone picture.) For old times sakes, I also included an older picture of us shopping last year as well, you can see that she has learned to enjoy it a little more these days.

Monday, February 26

Pigtails in Pink

Addy was sporting some pigtails at church on Sunday, which made for some interesting hair styles when the rubber bands finally came out. Her hair stayed in pretty much the same place all afternoon, even without being held in place.

Here is Addy with her Sunday afternoon sports buddies, Dad and Uncle Brett watching Ohio State knock of Wisconsin...and a little Nascar on the side.

Saturday, February 24

Sick of Being Sick

Well, we officially hate winter around here. It seems every week one of us is sick and then we just pass it around one to the other until it is your turn again. Kristyn had a sinus infection, now Addy's nose is running and she is back to pulling on her ear, and my throat is bothering me again. Kristyn and I have agreed that we have gotten sick more in the last 6 months than in the first 5 years of marriage.

Addy has a doctor's appointment this week to check on her eye which may need surgery. The medicine they gave her to clear up the eye gunk each morning didn't work, and she is waking up with them dried up and often dried shut.

Last weekend we went to Clay Boyer's party in Fredricksburg and then headed to Richmond on Sunday so Jon could preach at The Well where former Chapel Youth Pastor, Brent Underwood, is currently pastoring. It was a fun day with the Underwoods and Scott and Jan Wiese in the afternoon but we didn't take any good pictures, so nothing new to show, sorry.

Dad and Addy were home all day Saturday together while Mom was at a Beth Moore Simulcast conference at the Chapel. We spent the afternoon working on Addy's ability to throw a ball. So far she has learned to throw a volleyball, so Mom is ecstatic, but no luck with the football.

Tuesday, February 20

Monday, February 19

Addy Out for an Afternoon Walk

Kristyn took Addy out last Friday on a walk on the new pathway they just completed in the nearby woods. It is part of the preparations for Jamestown's 400th in May. You can see her energy fading quickly as the day goes on.

Saturday, February 17

So Close to Going So Far for Free!

I have been working on contest to design a logo for a new website I am obsessed with, www.mikons.com. The contest ended this week, and I guess I finished a close second, so they say. The winner got an all expense paid trip to Austin and the South By Southwest Interactive Arts conference, which would have been fantastic! Below is a sample and here are my complete entries.

Tuesday, February 13

Happy Valentine's Day

Kristyn and I hosted the 5th Annual Father Daughter Valentine's Banquet for the Chapel Men on Monday night. We started the event after Kristyn gave me the idea from something similar that she did with her dad as a girl. It has become a huge success. Every year we are in a larger location, and this year we had 160 people attend, including several grandfathers. I have a wonderful lady who does all the decorations (see the Teddy bear table below) and we take portraits and frame them for the girls as well. The highlight was hearing about one table where a recently adopted girl from the Ukraine broke down in tears as her new dad talked about how much he loved her and how proud he was of her.

Addy has to be 8 to attend, so here she is with us as we got ready. She went out to dinner with Phyllis and Louis Leffler and their small group.

Here is the picture from last year as well to reminisce.

Monday, February 12

For Only the Diehard Addy Fan: 5 Minutes of Presents

Party Time...Excellent

Post Party: Addy and Clay Past Their Bedtimes

Mom's First Birthday Cake

Kristyn made her first birthday cake on Saturday night for Addy's second party, this one for Chapel staff and friends. Didn't she do a great job. Everyone loved her decorations and the cake was delicious.

Sunday, February 11

Why Can't They Stay This Cute Forever...

> Addy loves giving us things now and hearing us say thank you, and then taking them back and trying to say "Thank You" herself, which is almost unintelligible, but so cute all the same.

> Everyday when Addy wakes up she now has almost a ritual obsession with completing all of her daily tasks. She opens the Tupperware cabinet and plays with her cups, then she goes into the pantry and bites on the cardboard Jello boxes, then she carries the spray can of Pam around the house for a while, next she has to go upstairs and mess around in the bathroom cabinets with the boxes of soap and contact lenses. If you try to take her away from any of that, even to feed her or change her, she gets so upset. Who needs toys...we just hide the toxic chemicals and let her rummage for hours.

Tuesday, February 6

A New Year; A New Look

Addy is becoming more and more of a little lady, so it was time the blog took on a new, more feminine, look for her second year. In the first year, we had over 7,300 views and the Google Adsense revenue ended up at $230. Based on current market estimates of 10% growth per year, that means your clicks will end up earning Addy $1600 in her 529b Plan by the time she graduates from college, Lord willing.

Monday, February 5

Super Bowl Baby Turns 1: Videos

Watch Addy get frustrated at having to share the spotlight with her friends on her big day. Then watch Pete Cook teach her a lesson in humility!

Super Bowl Baby Turns 1: Pictures

Here are some of Addy's friends who were able to be with us at her party. (L to R) Jackson Tennant, Cara Ellis, Peter Cook, Addy, Charlotte Young)

Chicago Fans Unite!

We were able to get back to our tradition of hosting a Super Bowl party for our small group and friends last night after Addy forced us to postpone our party last year. This year was all the more special since Kristyn's Bears made the big game. Turns out we have more Bears fans for friends than we even knew as the house filled up with Blue and Orange. Those rooting for the Colts, were forced to spend the first half watching the game in the Loser's Lounge (see below). Thankfully celebrating Addy's birthday took some of the sting away from a bad Bears loss.

For those who left the party early last night, the late night highlight was when Will cramped up in the 4th quarter and had to be stretched out by Todd. I guess 20 straight weeks of sitting on his butt watching football finally caught up with him. Bananas, bottled water, and a long off season of rest for Will.

Saturday, February 3

Addy Gets Ready for Her Birthday on Monday

Watch Addy slip into an A.D.D. moment here like her Dad as she gets fascinated by, uh, the bottom of a folding chair...?

Tickle Me Addy

Addy's First Snow Day

Friday Family Date Night

Here is Addy in her adorable outfit that her Uncle Dan and Aunt Kristin bought for her for Christmas. The second two pictures are Addy's attempt at smiling. When every we break out the camera and ask her to smile, we get the same face...head tilted back, eyes shut and mouth wide open. Not sure where she learned it, but it is pretty cute. Check out the matching boots too!