Monday, February 5

Chicago Fans Unite!

We were able to get back to our tradition of hosting a Super Bowl party for our small group and friends last night after Addy forced us to postpone our party last year. This year was all the more special since Kristyn's Bears made the big game. Turns out we have more Bears fans for friends than we even knew as the house filled up with Blue and Orange. Those rooting for the Colts, were forced to spend the first half watching the game in the Loser's Lounge (see below). Thankfully celebrating Addy's birthday took some of the sting away from a bad Bears loss.

For those who left the party early last night, the late night highlight was when Will cramped up in the 4th quarter and had to be stretched out by Todd. I guess 20 straight weeks of sitting on his butt watching football finally caught up with him. Bananas, bottled water, and a long off season of rest for Will.

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