Tuesday, February 6

A New Year; A New Look

Addy is becoming more and more of a little lady, so it was time the blog took on a new, more feminine, look for her second year. In the first year, we had over 7,300 views and the Google Adsense revenue ended up at $230. Based on current market estimates of 10% growth per year, that means your clicks will end up earning Addy $1600 in her 529b Plan by the time she graduates from college, Lord willing.


Anonymous said...

Braden will be in therapy for years to overcome his disappointment that he was not listed as one of addy's friends online....if you would like to correct this emotional scar:

shygrl said...

I must say the new look of the site is awesome and its great to see it grow with Addy. I am happy to be able to see you all grow as Addy does no matter how near or far we are. Happy Valentines Day you guys. And Happy Belated B-Day Addy. Sorry I missed it, I just got back from Thailand. Miss you all tons!