Monday, July 27

OCD in the DNA

Her "folding." Not bad actually, better than Dad's attempts most of the time.

All that cleaning really wears Cinderella out!

One Big Step for Our Little Man

And then for the highlight of the morning!

Tuesday, July 14

Something to cheer up Cubs Fans

When the Cubbies are .500 at the all star break, we something to reignite our dreams of October. Thanks to Uncle Dan and Aunt Kristyn for Jax birthday present, Spud, the Cubs Mr. Potato head

Summer Book Club

Here is Addy sporting her new book bag that she got from the library summer book club. She reads books with Mom and then has to tell the library lady about it in order to get prizes like free bowling, ice cream and cool bags!

Celebrate Sibling Rivalry...Come On!

Watch Addy try to top Jax spinning dance move, only to have Jack toss her birthday card aside like a rag doll!

Monday, July 6

Homemade Pizza and Picnics

Addy and Daddy's first attempt at homemade pizza, a la trader joe's dough and sauce.

Naptime Nightmares

Kristyn and I woke up from our naps on Sunday afternoon to Jax crying in his bed. When we went into his room, we found him soaking wet and surrounded by this mess in his crib. When we tracked down his sister who was in her room, she told us that he was crying so she tried to make him stop by giving him some toys. When we asked about the water, she said she thought he was hot so she brought him some water in a cup...and then poured it on him! Here is the evidence

Her thought process, in her own words.

The Jaxx Jeep Cake

Mom made an amazing Jeep cake for Jackson by herself over the weekend.

and thanks Mary Cummings for the great banner for Jackson!

Indy Race in Richmond

Some friends gave us amazing passes to the Indy Race in Richmond last weekend: parking passes, club suite, pit passes, pre-race track passes and a chance to ride around the track at 100 mph in the "safety car" before the race. It was a great date night!!

Dario Franchitti, we missed seeing his wife, Ashley Judd, by a few minutes in pit row, or so we heard.


TK, Tony Kanaan, signing autographs.
This is the car we rode around the track driven by a retired INDY driver, got up to 107 in the front stretch.

Indy cars get up to about 150-160 at Richmond's short track, which is what the Nascar cars get up to at Daytona. Crazy fast.