Tuesday, July 31

Best Pics of July

Bon Voyage Gersende

On Monday, we lost part of our summer family. Our French student, Gersende (aka Gercy, or GG to Addy) went back to Lyon. She had been with us for three weeks and was a sweetheart and spoke fantastic english. Addy loved having her around as a big sister, and Kristyn loved having a shopping partner on the weekends. Dad loved that someone in the house forced him to cook healthy for three weeks (she didn't like cheese or chips-but, loved Coffee and Bob Dylan).

Here are some of our favorite pictures from the last three weeks including a night of Sushi, her 17th birthday party at Paul's Deli, and our day at Colonial Downs.

Hooked on Babies

We took Addy to the pool the this weekend. In typical Addy fashion, she was immediately drawn to the other kids toys poolside. She quickly made friends with some other girls who had brought their babies to the pool. After a sucker smile to the girls' mother, they let her play with them, and Addy quickly blew off the girls to get down to business, changing the babies and giving them baths in the pool. The girl is 18 months and has more parenting instincts than I do.

Saturday, July 21

Me and My Babies

Ready to Roll

Long before Paris Hilton was putting her Chihuahua in a bag, she was carrying around her babies in her purses like Addy. Scary thought. We are taking drastic anti-Paris measures immediately.

Hot Time, Summer in the City

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Tuesday, July 10

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Meal Time with Addy

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MMM...Ice Cream

Addy loves her free cones at Brusters. Still can't say ice cream, but man can she pound it!

Tuesday, July 3

A Fond Farewell

Jon's 89 Honda Accord died last week, after several mechanics looked at fixing it, it was declared deceased and has been towed to its final resting place. I was able to recoup the final repair expenses by selling it on Craigslist and one of the other staff members at the Chapel has loaned me a third car until we get a new one. RIP ild reliable, RIP