Monday, January 29

Somebody Has Been Sitting in Daddy's Chair

Addy has taken to wanting to sit in Dad's rocking chair, deciding she has gotten to big for her own rocking chair, which, of course, she is still too small to climb into anyway. She has her fourth bad runny nose of the season so far, which is making her sleep schedule a mess.

She did hit a new highlight of cuteness on Sunday. We were at Lunch with the Pastors and one of the other staff families were holding Addy across the room in front of 100 people. When it came time for me to introduce my family, I stood up with Kristyn and made some joke about how the other family, the Green's, could keep Addy for the night if they wanted. On cue, Addy whimpered from across the room, and then furrowed her eyes and stared me down! The place erupted in laughter! It was amazing! Then Sue Green took her out in the hallway during the program portion of the meal and Addy walked the entire length of the Chapel hallway on her own.

Saturday, January 27

Tuesday, January 23


Addy has never cared a lick about the TV cartoons or anything else on for that matter, but today while Kristyn is sick in bed and I am having to work from home while watching Addy, I turned on TeleTubbies, and it was like she sank into some drug induced state of fascination. I don't know what subliminal messages are tucked into these videos, but she loves them and I get some work done for a day, so I guess her brain cant completely melt in one half hour show.

Monday, January 22

Growing Up Part II: Walking, For Your Love, She's Walking

Addy has gone from two or three steps to being able to walk around the whole room in the last 10 days. We were hoping she would be walking in time for her birthday on February 5 so she can show of for her boyfriends at her party.

Growing Up Part I: Mastering the Sippy Cup

Addy has finally figured out how to tip back a sippy cup on her own. And if anyone knows why there are four extra numbers on zip codes now, Kristyn would like to know that as well.

Saturday, January 20

Sunday, January 14


Kristyn survived the first Sunday of Chicago Bears post season football with an OT win over the Seahawks. Dad has agreed to root with Mom for the Bears since the Niners are still one year away from making the playoffs.

Here is Addy watching the games with Dad on Saturday night while Mom was out shopping. Dinner came during the final minutes of the Colts/Ravens game, so we had to move the operation into the living room. Here she is with her blueberry stained mouth.

Show Off

After having mastered "Eat" and "More", Addy this week began showing the sign for "Please." Of course it helps that the "Please" sign is very close to one of her favorite dinner table habits...wiping her dirty hands all over her clothes.

Family Night Out

We took Addy out to Longhorn Steakhouse on Friday for family date night and her and mom picked out a desert for us all after dinner. As you can see, Addy thoroughly enjoyed it. Addy spent most of the dinner turned around in her high chair waving and saying "Hi" and "Bye" to everyone as they came and left.

More Fun With Shoes

Addy has definitely taken to Mom's shoe rack. She plays in there each morning as Mom gets dressed. As you can see from the bottom picture, she is pretty partial to those black ones.

Monday, January 8


Addy continues to be obsessed with grabbing things and trying to climb into them. This time it was one of Mom's small baskets that hold the remotes. She spent 20 minutes climbing in and out, flipping it over, and getting back into it. Crazy what holds kids attention at this age.

Pic of the Week

We had to take Addy's Christmas Nerf football away because it was becoming her new teething toy. We caught her chewing on chunks of it like a dog this weekend and then spitting them out all over the house, since they didn't dissolve very well in her mouth.

Wild Card Sunday: Dad and Addy Alone Together

Daddy dressed Addy in her Clemson colors to celebrate Aunt Caroline's 22nd Birthday this weekend as we watched football together on Sunday. (Mom of course thought she looked ridiculous in purple pants, but we liked them.)

Addy loves talking to her new toy cellphone (below) just like Mom and Dad. It even rings and talks back to her, not bad for a Dollar Store stocking stuffer! But her favorite activity is playing with her (and your) teeth. She can point to them and say "TEETHIES". And she can identify teeth, nose and eyes on a face now. We have been trying to get a picture of her standing on her own, which she can do for about 5-10 seconds while she is holding a toy, but she always seems to bail on us when we go for the camera. She will be standing by one year without a doubt.

Monday, January 1

Happy New Year!

We had a wonderful New Year's Eve yesterday. It began with Dad preaching at the Chapel in the morning (click here to listen) and ended with some small group friends over for our annual New Year's Eve Party. This year's theme was "80's Bingo Night." Here are some highlights of the day, including Addy helping Dad write his sermon on Sunday morning.