Monday, January 8

Wild Card Sunday: Dad and Addy Alone Together

Daddy dressed Addy in her Clemson colors to celebrate Aunt Caroline's 22nd Birthday this weekend as we watched football together on Sunday. (Mom of course thought she looked ridiculous in purple pants, but we liked them.)

Addy loves talking to her new toy cellphone (below) just like Mom and Dad. It even rings and talks back to her, not bad for a Dollar Store stocking stuffer! But her favorite activity is playing with her (and your) teeth. She can point to them and say "TEETHIES". And she can identify teeth, nose and eyes on a face now. We have been trying to get a picture of her standing on her own, which she can do for about 5-10 seconds while she is holding a toy, but she always seems to bail on us when we go for the camera. She will be standing by one year without a doubt.

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