Thursday, August 31

We're Going Mobile

Ok, so its not pretty, but here is Addy's Linoleum and Wood Floor crawl/walk. I will add a pure carpet crawl tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 29


Mom busted Addy sneaking around the end table to play with her new favorite toys, power cords. Here she is getting caught and then one last picture before she got a scolding. After about a week of training, she now knows that as soon as she gets near them, we sternly say no, and she has actually begun to leave them alone. Why do I feel like all discipline wont be that easy.

Saturday, August 26


Dad is in St. Louis this weekend with a good friend from Kanakuk/Kids Across America Days of Ol' and we are headed to the Cubs v. Cardinals game this afternoon at the new Busch Stadium. Addy wasn't able to make, but as you can see, she is rooting us on from home!

Monday, August 21

Dinner Time with Addy

Great Job on the Ad Clicking this week: 7 bucks in seven days. The earlier in the day the more the click is worth, odd, but true.

Pic of the Week

Aunt Jessica Heads East

Jon's sister Jessica and her boyfriend, Chris, visited this weekend from Minnesota. Addy was crushing hard on Chris all weekend and with their encouragement on Saturday, she starting crawling. Her form needs a little work, but she has made it from one end to the other of each room downstairs now. Videos to come soon. I guess it is time to baby proof the downstairs.

Monday, August 14

1/3 of the Way There

Google's adjunct requires $100 in earnings for them to pay out advertising dollars, so adduce bloc has generated one third of that in 6 months. I added a second bar on the top, so click away. Lets see if we can break the one day record or 5 bucks and get her to 100 by her first birthday and deposit that 100 of free money from googol into her College Fund. Free money is the best! Thanks for clicking!

Addy Learns to Eat Her Cheerios like Grandpa McKendrick

Trying New Things: Bananas

Pic of the Week: Addy's New Favorite Face

Finger Foods

This week Addy learned to pick up her food for the first time. She had been doing such a great job of holding her spoon after her feedings, we decided to try her on some Cheerios and Biter Biscuits. She does make a complete mess with the Biscuits, but she loves eating them.

Sunday, August 6

Pic of the Week

Seriously, this is how Addy sleeps. She takes her blanket and pulls it over her head and by the time she wakes up her hair is a sweaty mess and she has left a wet spot under her head on the sheets. Technically not wetting her bed, but still kind of gross.

Saturday, August 5

Happy Half-Birthday Addy

Six Months Ago Today...Can You Believe It!

Friday, August 4

Videos from the Beach




Beach Week 2006

As a reward for Addy learning to sit up we took her to Myrtle Beach, SC for a week at the beach. Thankfully she learned to sit up at the same time that Jon had vacation and Uncle Don and Aunt Barb connected us with a timeshare near them in North Myrtle. Aunt Caroline came up from Clemson for the first weekend and stayed 2 nights. Like everywhere else in the country, is was a scortcher, but thankfully the pool and beach were never too crowded. Addy didn't eat or sleep too well away from home, but all in all it was a very relaxing week and we are glad to now be home.

Here are some pics from the place we stayed.

Family Pictures from the Week in Myrtle Beach, SC

Family Favorites Join Addy at the Beach

Great Uncle Don and Great Aunt Barb

Aunt Caroline

Aunt Caroline and First Cousin Lauren