Thursday, June 28


Groomsmen Reunion

Doc and Katie were in town this past week on summer vacation. This was the first time that the annual Doc/Ritner rotating vacation included wives instead of major sporting events. We had a great time playing trivia at Randall's, hitting the Leafe, and having dinner at the Fat Canary.

Pic of the Week: Addy Makes Her Getaway

Monday, June 18

The Intersection Marks 10,000 Hits

Our 10,000 hit came from a viewer in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey who came over from our link on the Grimes Blog. Just for some perspective, has 100 Million hits a day.

Sunday, June 17

Happy Fathers Day to my Grandpas

In order, Grandpa McKendrick, Grandpa Ritner, and Grandpa Berkey.

Friday, June 15

Cutie Pie

Pic of the Week: Braden At it Again

Hey Bryce, keep your son off my daughter. True love waits!

The Williamsburg Mom-fia

Well the young moms at the Chapel have taken over Colonial Williamsburg. Each Wednesday, the 10 or so of them head down for 2-1 coffee at the Blue Talon and then a long walk down the middle of DOG street. Tourists beware, this group moves for no one. And as they walk ten wide with strollers, it is quite a detour to go around them. The kids enjoy the large grass fields and the animals which seem to be constantly changing. Now that the ladies have Busch Gardens and Water Country Passes they have new ground to conquer.

Addy Welcomes Baby Ellie

Our Small Group has certainly grown over the last 18 months. First we added Baby Cara, who has a little brother or sister on the way in November. Then the rhyming began. Aly, Addy, now Ellie, and an Abby due in July. Congratulations to Ellie Vickery born June 8th, a whole 18 days early. We miss the Vickerys who have moved to Austin!

Tuesday, June 5

Thank You, we think

We are not sure how this started, but some time last month we began to realize that Addy had made up her own sign for "Thank You." You can see it at the end of this video where she raises her hand above her head. To this day, we have no idea where she picked that up, but can only imagine it had to do with someone waving to someone else as a gesture of thanks. Who knows, maybe she is the first of a new advanced species and in the future we will all say thank you that way.

Monday, June 4

Oh, I got friend in small spaces...

Vegas, Baby, Vegas

The family enjoyed a long vacation last week as Mom and Dad headed to Las Vegas for 6 days at the Luxor and Addy stayed in Philly with Grandma French and Auntie Caroline. We got to see Cirque du Soliel's KA, and the new production of Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian. We celebrated our fifth anniversary at Mon Ami Gabi, Kristyn's favorite restaurant. We ate outside on the patio across from the fountain show at the Bellagio and got to watch 4 different songs in an hour. Addy did great without us, playing with an endless supply of new toys that Grandma has been storing up for years now. We are all back in the 'Burg now and head back to work tomorrow.