Friday, September 29

Wednesday, September 27

Cleaning Up for Chicago!

Addy took one last bath before she and Mom set out Wednesday night for their big week in Chicago. Kristyn has her Willowbrook High School 10 year reunion on Saturday night and Grandma and Grandpa McKendrick are excited to watch Addy over the weekend, while Mom relives her high school glory as Class of 1996 Senior Prom Queen.

Stairmaster 2000

Dad caught Addy's second successful attempt to climb over the step and escape from the sunken livingroom that had been her play pen for the last two months. She is on the loose now!


Monday, September 25

Sunday with the Boys

Addy spent Sunday afternoon with Dad and Uncles Brett and John who are regulars for NFL Sunday Ticket on the Satellite each week. Mom was out shopping for her big trip back to Chicago this weekend for her 10 year HS reunion. Addy had her first moment of balance yesterday, standing on her own for about three seconds before falling back into Dad's hands. Her new favorite game is to entice someone to chase her around the living room table on their hands and knees as she crawls in circles around the room. Video of it to follow.

Friday, September 22

Pic of the Week: Riding High in CW

Addy from the Block

Here is Addy wearing her J-Lo Pink Sweatsuit for her big night on the town Friday as we went walking in Colonial Williamsburg.

Mikons (aka My - Icons): Jon's New Favorite Website

Check it out here

Monday, September 18

Never too Early to Learn to Do Chores Around the House

Addy learns to carry her own weight in the Ritner house by unloading the dishwasher.

In, On and now Under

Addy's new challenge is not climbing onto something, but rather trying to get underneath it. She crawls under the dining room table and this week, she managed to get under her Exersaucer, which as you can see is not a roomy place.

Monday, September 11

5000th Visitor to The Intersection

Sunday afternoon, Life at the Intersection had its 5,000th visitor. Who was it? Well actually we have no way of knowing, so instead we wanted to highlight our favorite regular international visitor to The Intersection, Shirley Belvin.

Shirley and Kristyn played volleyball together last year before she shipped out to Osan Air Base in Seoul, South Korea. Shirley is an A-10 Avionics Craftsman/Technician for the 25 Aircraft maintenance unit. Her job is to make sure that her fellow airman are trained and prepared to fix the A-10 avionics systems. Shirley recently wrote, "When my time at work is done, I love to volunteer at the local elementary school and read to the 1st and 2nd graders. I also help with the local orphanages by taking the orphaned children out for ice cream or just time away from their current situation. In my spare time I love to read, play softball, volleyball and basketball for the base team, the Osan Mustangs."

Only fitting on the 5th Anniversary of 9/11 to celebrate one of our troops overseas protecting America. THANK YOU SHIRLEY from JKA Ritner and all the other friends on The Intersection.

The Bald Boyer Back in the 'Burg

Addy's favorite future WM student, Clay Boyer and his parents, Scott and Lisa, were in town for a couple of hours on Saturday as they came back from Nags Head. They played well together until Clay started cheating at soccer (see below).


Sunday, September 10

Start Your Engines

Mom and Dad went to the NASCAR Busch Series Race in Richmond on Friday night with the Flowers from the Chapel who kindly invited us to use their extra tickets. Much to my surprise, Kristyn had a great time and couldn't get over how fast the cars actually went compared to how they looked on TV. Addy stayed home with Miss Barb from the Chapel Nursery who she loves seeing each Sunday morning. This is the view of the start/finish line from our seats (taken on my camera phone.)

Thursday, September 7

Double Date

Hudson Sylvester and Braden Lee took Cara Ellis and Addy to the pool last month on a supervised double date. These pictures have recently surfaced on the web on The Sylvester's blog. Looks like the moms could be trusted to keep the boys at a safe distance from them. But just when Dad thought Addy was safe from the unwanted advances of older boys, I found these pictures on their blog as well.

BTW, Addy has been blown away by the clicking support, the blog is up to $56.34! Almost doubled in a month.

Get Up, Stand Up....

Monday, September 4

Let There Be Light

The Power came back on Friday night, but the cable/internet has been on and off since then. Some friends watched Addy today on Labor Day so Kristyn and I could go see Little Miss Sunshine, which we loved. Dysfunctional family learns to pull together as life falls apart. Great performances by Greg Kinnear and Steve Carrell. Here is our little miss sunshine with her buddy Braden Lee over the weekend. Addy turns 7 months tomorrow.

Friday, September 1

Its An Ernesto Fiesto!

Here is what Addy looks like tonight. Actually this is what the whole house looks like tonight. Ernesto has knocked out power since Noon, so we headed over to some friend's house to cook up our thawing meat and watch movies (and update the blog of course!) As of 10 PM the phones were still not working, but we are heading home anyway - to sleep in the guest bed since our sheets are molding away in the washing machine after Kristyn washed them this morning.

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