Monday, January 28

My Pampered Princesses

Mom and Addy went to Atir last week for their first ever Mother Daughter manicure. Christina, the young lady doing Addy's nails, worked with Kristyn at Atir back in the day. Jon is marrying Christina and her fiance, Anthony, this April in the new Worship Room at the Chapel.

Friday, January 25

Wednesday, January 16

Mom Goes Straight

After Dad left, Mom went and got her hair colored and straightened for a couple of days. Check it out! The horse is at the farm/house of Kristyn's cousin, Bev. They had goats, horses, cats, dogs, and guinea pigs.

Kristyn and old Willowbrook bff, Becky.

Kristyn and Addy with TIU friend Kim, and her son, Kade. They got along so well.

More from Chicago

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Best Pics from Chicago

Addy looking out at the snow. It snowed about a foot over the 17 days the girls were there, but by the end of their time, it was raining so much it was all gone.

Mom and Dad at Gino's East in Schaumberg where we had our rehearsal dinner 5 years ago. This is us standing in front of one of the graffiti walls in the room where we had our party.

Addy having a milkshake at Red Robin with Uncle Dan and Aunt Courtney. This was the infamous lunch where Dad starting swinging Addy around and popped her elbow out of place, Nursemaid's elbow it is called. Anyway, took two hours and a trip to the doctor for her to be able to bend it again. Way to go Dad! I am on a two week Addy wrestling probation.

Addy and Uncle Dan watching Illinois take it on the chin in the Rose Bowl.

Addy getting ready to go play in the snow.

Chicago's Christmas morning.

The two-headed Addy-Daddy monster trying to stay warm in the Chicago cold and wind.

Sunday, January 13

Forgive me Addy, I know not what I am doing.

This is what happens when Mom leaves and Dad tries to do Addy's hair. This was my best attempt at a pony tail for Peter Cook's birthday party.

Saturday, January 5

Bacheloring it in the Burg

Sorry for the lack of updates, Mom and Addy are still in Chicago with the camera. Here is one I forgot I had from Christmas morning. Addy is drawing on her new easel we got for peanuts off It has a chalk board on one side and a dry erase board on the other.