Monday, June 26

Last Goodbyes

Addy's best friend Aly Warner is officially moving this week. We had our last small group get together before Vern and Sue moved to Canada and Chad, Karin, and Aly move to Hampden-Sydney VA last weekend. Here are the two girls saying their last goodbyes.

Addy Tries Solids for the First Time

This confirmed my worst fears! We have another control freak on our hands in Addy. Watch her try to take over from Mom on her first attempt at solid foods this weekend.

Pic of the Week

Addy has begun to drool and spit up more than ever. She never really went through this stage early on like most babies do, but it seems every feeding now she decided to give some back to Dad, usually all over his shirt when he is least expecting it.

Friday, June 23

Rollin' On Over

Addy finally rolled from her front to her back this week, after Dad had told the whole church on Father's Day that it was his one request from her for a Father's Day gift. Monday morning she delivered! She still has problems doing it when she gets tired, but other than that, it is her favorite trick. Tonight we are going to stop her 11 PM feeding and see if she can go through the night on her own to try to her ready for Grandma's stay in 8 days while Mom and Dad are in Brussels.

Addy's First Swim

Motivated by an email that Addy's friend Clay Boyer had been to the pool last week, she demanded that we take her too. Here she is on Monday during our day off at the local timeshare pool we have free passes for. Not sure how much she like it, as you can see from the pictures, but she didnt cry once. She really loved when we stripped her down to her diaper and let her lay in the shade.

Pic of the Week: Ladies in Red

Monday, June 19

Not Quite Getting How the Game Works

First Father's Day

We had a great Father's Day yesterday with three services, a great lunch at the Corner Pocket, a 3 hour nap for Dad and our 5th graduation party in two weeks at the Jennings house. Anita Czajkowski was back in town for the week with her three kids (Anita and Steve lived in Berkeley's Green with us before Steve took a Senior Pastor Position in Indianapolis last year.) This was the first time the kids had seen Addy and they were very excited to hold her.

Mad Skillz

California Dreamin'

Kristyn's Aunt Arlie and Uncle Bill were in town this past Wednesday for a wedding in Virginia Beach and took us out to a great dinner at Outback. Bill is the Senior Pastor of Whittier Area Community Church outside of Los Angeles and we sat around and talked shop late into the night. They are new grandparents in their own right of Addy's second cousin, Avery, who lives in California with her parents Beth and Chad Miller.

Summer at the Beach

Addy got to see her first beach last week as we spent Sunday through Tuesday with the Ellis' in Virginia Beach. One of the Chapel elders has a house he was letting Todd and Abby use, so we tagged along for a couple of nights. We spent Monday out in the sun. Cara Ellis and Addy spent some good bonding time wrestling on the floor as well as you can see below.

View Video Here

Sunday, June 11

Aunt Jessica Graduates from Carleton today

Addy sends her congrats on to Aunt Jessica on her big day in Minnesota. Sorry we can't all be there with you. We hope Addy has Jessica's work ethic and intelligence, since her grades were much better than Mom or Dad's ever were in college.

Saturday, June 10


Our small group is losing two couples in the next three weeks. Chad and Karin Warner are moving to western VA since Chad has accepted a coaching position at Hampton Sydney Basketball and Vern and Sue are moving back to Canada. Last Wednesday, we had dinner together one last time so Addy and Aly could say good bye. Aly was born 3 days before Addy. Here they are in their matching outfits.

Pic of the Week

Fiesta-val Atmosphere

Jon had his year end small group leaders appreciation dinner at Chapel on Thursday night. It was a Mexican themed evening with a skit, some stories from our groups, and a great dinner of fajitas and fixins. Here is Kristyn and Sue from our small gropup, tending the virgin daquiri cantina bar.

Monday, June 5

Old Friends Meet the New Addition

Hey girls!

Well it was sooo wonderful seeing some of my best friends beautiful faces this week. There is nothing like being with people who unconditionally know and love you! Jon also wishes that we all lived closer so he could continue his friendships brought together by a love for Nascar and video games. Boys are weird.

Lori, Becky and Rocky

I am so looking forward to our crazy high school reunion and it cannot come soon enough! Lori, thank you for the adorable outfits-Addy wore the Cubs one home and looked sooo cute. You look fabulous and I am so amazed by your dedication! Becky, Jon and I love Rocky and are really excited for the both of you. Your house beautiful and we pray you have tons of wonderful memories there. We are thrilled to have re-connected and look forward to our many fun times ahead!

Kim and Nate

Wow! We are so impressed with your home-you have done an amazing job and your hospitality was overwhelming. Uncle Jon and Aunt Kristyn cannot wait to meet your little boy (we are confident it is a boy). Hang in there-the best times are just around the corner and well worth it! Kim you are lucky to work with such fun and kind people! I really enjoyed meeting them and hope that we will provide you with many more Addy blog updates. Love you sooo much!

Fun at the Zoo

Mom and Dad ditched Addy again on Friday to go to the Brookfield Zoo, one of Kristyn's favorite places on earth, as you can see from her video below. Here are some of the highlights and the day including an adorable Mother Gorilla taking care of her kid and an our favorite clip: a shot of a Rhino, but ignore the rhino and listen to the Elephant roar in the background and all the kids in the building start screaming, good stuff!

Say Uncle!

Quality Time with the Newest Member of the McKendricks

Memorial Day in the City

We had a great time, without Addy, on Monday in Chicago. Cubs game (a Kerry Wood pitched win), shopping on the North Side, dinner at Joy's Noodles, and then walked back down to a Best of Show at Second City, the starting point of most every SNL cast member over the years. Here is the corner of Addison and Clark on gameday.

Addy's New Feat

Addy learned how to stick her feet in her mouth this week, much to the amusement of everyone in Chicago. She has been grabbing them for about 10 days now, but finally learned how to stick them in there and suck on her toes. Kind of gross, but amusing and cute none the less.

Addy Earns Her Wings

When Jon was a kid flying to Dads each summer in Minnesota I can remember the waitresses playing cards with me on the plane, letting me move to empty aisles so I could lay down, and most importantly giving me my own wings pin that I could wear. Well we all know flying isn't exactly what it used to be...cramped seating, old planes with spotty air conditioners, no cards or pins, and barely a snack on the plane...but regardless Addy did great, even on the way home when we had to hold her in our arms for both flights since there were no extra seats. She had no problems with her ears on take off or landing like some had warned. Here she is on the trip.