Monday, June 5

Old Friends Meet the New Addition

Hey girls!

Well it was sooo wonderful seeing some of my best friends beautiful faces this week. There is nothing like being with people who unconditionally know and love you! Jon also wishes that we all lived closer so he could continue his friendships brought together by a love for Nascar and video games. Boys are weird.

Lori, Becky and Rocky

I am so looking forward to our crazy high school reunion and it cannot come soon enough! Lori, thank you for the adorable outfits-Addy wore the Cubs one home and looked sooo cute. You look fabulous and I am so amazed by your dedication! Becky, Jon and I love Rocky and are really excited for the both of you. Your house beautiful and we pray you have tons of wonderful memories there. We are thrilled to have re-connected and look forward to our many fun times ahead!

Kim and Nate

Wow! We are so impressed with your home-you have done an amazing job and your hospitality was overwhelming. Uncle Jon and Aunt Kristyn cannot wait to meet your little boy (we are confident it is a boy). Hang in there-the best times are just around the corner and well worth it! Kim you are lucky to work with such fun and kind people! I really enjoyed meeting them and hope that we will provide you with many more Addy blog updates. Love you sooo much!

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