Monday, November 30

An Ice Making Machine

Check out Jax discovery this weekend.

Strutting His Stuff

For some reason, when Jax dances to music, it involves this long stride move that is ridiculous looking. We cannot for the life of us figure out where he learned it, but he is owning it all right.

Thanks Grandma!

Saturday, November 28

Thanksgiving Dressings

Here is the great Table decorations that Addy chose all by herself. Jax provided some moral support along the way.

Monday, November 23

Fancy Nancy Party, Round Two

Around the House

Addy set up a Garage Sale in the hallway last night and then wanted 6 bucks for a single baseball. Mom had to talk her down to .25 cents.

Did you know, mandarin orange juice makes a great hair gel.

Always read to pose in her Princess nightgown.

Family Rivalry

Out at Buffalo Wild Wings for Jon's Birthday watching the Bears/Niners Thursday night game last week. Needless to say, Dad slept on the sofa after the 49ers picked off Cutler in the end zone for the 5th time to seal the win.

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The Professor

We like to call Jax, The Professor, after the only white guy who plays with the And 1 Mix Tour team. When we yell, THE PROFESSOR!" he yells back, YEAH!
Here is working on his ball handling skills.

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Sunday, November 1

More from Last Night

Halloween 2009

The Princess trying to turn the frog into a prince.


Addy and Braden Lee
All the kids at the Lee house before heading out.
Addy and Cara Ellis

The 2009 Family Pumpkins, Mom and Dad pumpkin, and then Addy's....