Sunday, January 31

Saturday, January 30

Snow White Ruins the Royal Ball

10 inches of snow cancelled Addy's Royal Princess Ball celebrating her 4th Birthday today. We will try again tomorrow afternoon. She handled the news pretty well, some tears, but then some chocolate chip pancakes and some present opening made her forget pretty quickly. Pictures and videos tomorrow night after the big party.

Thursday, January 28

One Liners

D: (After reading the kids bible story of Samson in the Bible). Ok Addy, lets answer the questions about the story. Question 1, Where did Samson's get his strength?
A: Vegetables?

Hard to argue with that, even if it is not the right answer.

Monday, January 25

Our Sweet Girl

Here are some great quotes from Addy lately.

A: "Look at those big clouds Dad. Jesus is on those, He is so lucky."

A: "I am going to marry you, Dad"
J: "You can't marry me, I am married to Mom. You willl find some boy who will love you even more than me."
A: "Dad, no one can love me more than you, you're my hero!"

Addy woke me up the other night at 2:00 AM telling me she had a bad dream. I told her it would be ok, and she needed to go back to bed. She cried and told me, "No! The bad dream will come back." So, I walked her back in her room and she asked me to sing her a song and scratch her arms. After singing, she says, "Thanks Dad, I think the bad dream went away now."

Monday, January 18

Sunday School Showdown

At Sunday School yesterday, we heard there was some commotion between Addy and her friends and a new boy who was in the class for the first time. Turns out the new boy was being mean and bossing kids around. At one point, he yelled at Addy and she walked away and told her friends that he is not being nice. So three of her friends walked back over there with Addy, surrounded the boy in a circle, and then Ella points at the boy and asks Addy, "Is this the one?" When Addy says Yes, Ella pushes the boy down to the ground.

Now we don't support or condone 3 year old girl gangs, but if we did, we like the ones who look out for Addy.

Later I asked Addy what she can do when someone is mean to her. (If you are scoring at home, the right answer is, "Walk away.") Her answer...."I can use my superpower and yell, "ZAGAA" and everyone has to back away from me."

I guess that is an option as well...

Saturday, January 9

OCD in her DNA

Addy has become quite a room cleaner/decorator. Here is her work from this afternoon. Mom is very proud.

Snow Day

We got our first dusting of the year this week. Enough for the kids to want to go out and trek around in it for 20 minutes or so.

No better way to escape the cold, than at a Tribe basketball game. The Tribe is off to a 12-3 start with wins over Wake Forest, Maryland, VCU, Richmond and a close opening night loss to UCONN. Amazing season so far.

Tuesday, January 5

Christmas Portraits

Not quite as memorable as last years "sitting on each other's lap" pics, but still cute.

and just to see how much they have grown, here is last year's picture.

Barbie Surprise

Let it Rain

Sunday, January 3

A New Christmas Carol

...king of the chocolate...

..angels sang glory....

...1,2,3,4,5,6, We will show you the baby Jesus...

(the rest is up for interpretation)

Kid Karaoke

Jax on a Box

Bathroom Ballerz

Jingle Bells

Apple Jax

Christmas in Virginia

After Mom and the kids got back to Williamsburg, we had our own Christmas morning at the house. Stockings in bed and then presents downstairs. Jax loved his blocks and train set, and Addy was very excited about her big request, an umbrella. (not sure why, one theory is that we watched Mary Poppins recently.)

(this picture just freaked me out because somehow both kids are in focus even though they are feet apart.)

Hugging on Santa's helper

Apron from Aunt Caroline that Addy loves wearing.

Here is Addy sprinkling her Reindeer food outside at the base pf the chimney the night before our Christmas (which was actually December 27th) Shh. don't tell.

Christmas in Chicago

Mom and the kids flew to Chicago on December 11th for a wedding and to visit Nana and Papa. Mom said the new portable DVD player we got ourselves for Christmas made all the difference o this flight.

Addy and Mom took a date day and went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks together.

The McKendrick Clan

Uncle Dan, Aunt Kristen and Skylar.

Four generation of Ankerberg/McKendrick ladies.

Christmas jamies.

Ah...the Chicago cold.

Addy and Skylar

Watching football with Uncle Dan.

After Dan's Deefield Basketball game.

Loving her Dunkin Donuts like Papa McKendrick.

Making a snowman. Addy was very excited to have real snow to work with as opposed to Virginia snow which melts by the time you get you warm clothes on you.

It was a Disney Princess themed Christmas all around for Addy.