Saturday, September 27

Some Kind of Help is the Kind of Help that Helping is All About....

What in the World is Matt Lauer doing here?

NBC broadcast the Today Show live from DoG street on Wednesday. Mom took the kids down to soak up the scene. The place was packed with McCain/Obama supporters, WM students, Acapella groups, and middle aged moms who lust after Matt Lauer.

Check out our new double stroller, everybody wants to be as cool as the Lees.

Our friend Ben from WM and the Chapel, who is the director of the Capitol and an interpreter in CW. He was on TV. He's famous.

Kristyn, Laurie and our new small group mate Margaret and her two boys.

When that got boring, the Braden and Addy went to the old standby. Watching the sheep graze.

Life inside for three days

It has been rainy and nasty since Thursday around here, but this morning, the sun is finally out. Here are some pics from around the house.

As you can see, we have become an official fridge decorating family. Addy's projects from Mom's Morning Out and her days at Miss Leah's.

Baby Burrito.

Addy force feeding Jax. It helps is the milk is above the nipple level. Details.

Jack is ready for the remote and some doritos.

Turns out the death of the tomato plants was premature. Even thought they fell over, they are still bearing fruit. Way to persevere!

Tuesday, September 23

Lady in Red

Happy 3rd Birthday Braden!

Braden had an amazing Firetruck themed birthday party on Saturday with an appearance from a real truck. They will come to parties for free to help kids get over their fear of firemen. All the kids loved it!

Check out which way my daughter is holding the pinata bat. I am so embarrassed!

The night before, Addy heard it was Braden's birthday the next day and decided that is should be her birthday too. So, on her own, she pulled out all the birthday things and set the table for a party. We left it up until she went to bed as to not crush her spirit completely. We wonder where she gets this trait of trying to make everything all about her. Must be from her grandparents, since it clearly skipped our generation!

Life is nothing but one giant F.O.B. period

Jack reached up and grabbed the rings for the first time this weekend. He also slept from 8 PM to 7 AM for the entire weekend. So it was a great weekend all around for us. Videos to come of the rings trick soon.


Addy went on the dragons all by herself for the first time. A big deal for her at least. Her technique could use some finesse though (see video).

On Mom and Addy's last visit to Busch Gardens last week, they failed to see that Hollow-Scream had begun and were shocked that the fun Irish dancers had been replaced by some Witch-Cats on Rollerskates musical. Ironically, Addy never picked up on the fact that it was supposed to be scary and just danced along like she does to everything else. Mom did cut the lunch off early though and left with most of the other appalled parents who wondered why they planned that show for Noon on a weekday!

Thursday, September 18

Addy Picks her NFL Team

During the NFL games last weekend, we were watching the Bears and Brett asked Addy, "Who do you want to win, the Bears or the Panthers?" She quickly answers, "The Monkeys!"

Sounds like a new expansion team down the road.

Tuesday, September 16

Saturday, September 13

Lick and Stick

So while Mom was gone, Dad taught Addy how to stick a card onto her head and then pass it on to my head. Not sure why I taught her this, but it seemed like a fun thing to do. The other night, we tried to show Mom our new trick. (sorry it is a little dark in the room.)

Saturday Morning Soccer

Addy and friends have formed a backyard soccer league affectionately known as the BLAST (Bryce Lee Amateur Soccer Team) since Bryce is the only former soccer player who has any coaching ability. So far after two week, the team has yet to form any real chemistry, or skills.

But the post game snacks are a huge hit!


Here is Addy working in some sibling bonding...

...and then Jackson had endured the hand holding long enough.

Ignorance is Bliss

Fun in the Kitchen

That adds a new twist to "pothead."

Family Date Night at Shackelford's

Jack had finally had enough and pulled the blanket over his head to go to sleep.