Saturday, February 24

Sick of Being Sick

Well, we officially hate winter around here. It seems every week one of us is sick and then we just pass it around one to the other until it is your turn again. Kristyn had a sinus infection, now Addy's nose is running and she is back to pulling on her ear, and my throat is bothering me again. Kristyn and I have agreed that we have gotten sick more in the last 6 months than in the first 5 years of marriage.

Addy has a doctor's appointment this week to check on her eye which may need surgery. The medicine they gave her to clear up the eye gunk each morning didn't work, and she is waking up with them dried up and often dried shut.

Last weekend we went to Clay Boyer's party in Fredricksburg and then headed to Richmond on Sunday so Jon could preach at The Well where former Chapel Youth Pastor, Brent Underwood, is currently pastoring. It was a fun day with the Underwoods and Scott and Jan Wiese in the afternoon but we didn't take any good pictures, so nothing new to show, sorry.

Dad and Addy were home all day Saturday together while Mom was at a Beth Moore Simulcast conference at the Chapel. We spent the afternoon working on Addy's ability to throw a ball. So far she has learned to throw a volleyball, so Mom is ecstatic, but no luck with the football.

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