Wednesday, July 16

Please Pray for Finn

Last Night
Here's what happened. Finn got his booster shots today and was a little tired from the tylenol but other than that was okay. Then about four thirty tonight Kate said she was sitting with him on the couch and his eyes rolled in his head and he started shalking. At this point Kate called 911 and then me. And then she said he stopped breathing for awhile so she did CPR and he got better and started breathing again.

The ambulance came and we got to the hospital and that's where we are now. Finn looks great right now. His bloodwork came back normal and it looks like he'll be okay. We need to see a neurologist next and it sounds like we'll need a ct scan or something. Anyway that's the scoop and I'll send updates later. Finn's looking fine so hopefully this is just a reaction to the shots and not epilepsy or a brain tumor. Thanks for the prayers and everything. Updates to come.

This morning:
Finn is getting sedated and scanned at eleven. -Patrick and katie

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Future Bulldog said...

I will be definently be praying. That is why I am not getting the vaccines as scheduled by most doctors. Also Kristyn make sure that your vaccines aren't what they call combined shots. They are linked with Mercury. Vaccines and mercury both release toxins in the childs body these toxins disrupt the neurotransmitters which is what could be causing problems with them. What happened to them spreading out the vaccines like they used to? There is a group of scientist and doctors and researchers that are linking vaccines to autism, ADD, ADHD and other special ed. conditions. I have two friends who's kids have autism and they noticed a change right after a vaccination. Sam who is now principal of special ed has had parents cry to him about how there children got a vaccine and then there brains were immediately affected and they have autism. As a former scientist I am sceptically about anything that come from a pharm. company especially when they demand you to pass things that might have an effect on a childs life, which I saw many times. I wanted to make you aware especially because it is more prominent in boys because of there genetic makeup. I know this is too much info, but I love kids so much I wouldn't want anyone to suffer and I have seen how hard it has been for so many people from my friends to my students. I will pray that God protects Finn!
love Karin