Sunday, December 9

Comfort Food

Wednesday Kristyn had 11 week doctor's appointment and while she was waiting for the doctor she had some complications. It was a little scary for her, but the ultrasound showed that the baby is moving and healthy. The doctor told her to stop exercising and picking up Addy, but other than that she can still get out, she just has to take it easy. We have been very encouraged by talking to other moms who had similar problems and delivered a healthy baby without any problems, so pray for us that we fall into that category.

'Uncle' Brett called to see how he could help and offered to bring dinner. When Kristyn said she didn't know what she wanted, he brought EVERYTHING she likes. Taco Bell, Pizza, a turkey pesto sub, and Chinese food. Just another reason why he is the world's best pro-bono Manny and hence has earned uncle status. Here was the spread.

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