Monday, April 10

Picture Frames...25 cents. Baby Girl....priceless

The yard sale was a success, but we didn't break last years records. JKA only made $58 and Aunt Susan and Uncle Len made $550. A little morning rain slowed down the traffic around 11 but the bottom line is we didn't have as much stuff to sell as last year, which is good news. Momma keeps a tight ship upstairs in our attic. The big news of the weekend was that we have bought a new used car to replace Kristyn's Buick which failed inspection and has no air conditioning. God totally hooked us up with a car within a week of deciding hers wasn't worth fixing. It is a 1991 Camry, with a new engine and transmission that only have 70K miles on them. Pictures of it later in the week. Kristyn is most excited that it has AC, a CD Player, and most importantly...cup holders. Ah the little things in life!

BTW, the blog made $.75 this weekend, that could be almost $50 for the year! So keep clicking on the advertisements and searching the google bar when you need to search.

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Anonymous said...

Thats the kind of care I have! 91 Camry-black. what color is yours?