Tuesday, September 11

Time to Get Caught Up

Ok, I finally got through fantasy football draft, preaching, speaking at the men's breakfast, speaking at Williamsburg Christian Academy, Small Group Launch, and the 49ers opener....Time to get some old pics online. Sorry for Addy's fans.

Here are some pics from Aunt Jessica and Uncle Chris' visit 10 days ago, or so. Like I said, it has been crazy around here. We had a great time going to the Yorktown Beach, riding the Surry Ferry, and just hanging around together.

Us at the Tribe Home Opener. The second picture is Kristyn's stalker picture of musician, Bruce Hornsby, (in the blue shirt) who was up in the box with us at the game.

Addy has become obsessed with singing "The Wheels on the Bus" along with all of the hand motions. However, she insists that everyone sing along as well. Here she stops mid verse to insist that Mom put down the camera and sing. "Mama, the Bus!"

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