Thursday, March 2

So Many Boys To Choose From...

Well Addy met her second male classmate this week as Pete Cook paid a visit to the Ritner home. Addy has 3 future WM Class of 2024 boys to choose from living within a 3 hour radius, the most recent of whom is Clayton Andrew Boyer, born to Scott and Lisa just this month. Braden was kind enough to stop by and see Addy in hospital, but she gave him the same cold treatment she gave Pete on Tuesday is Addy's first date with Pete...way to play hard to get girl!

Addy's father is pondering the benefits of marrying into each of the three prestigious families and as he sees it, here is the breakdown.

Addison Ritner Boyer: +++ Addy sure to learn how to fire a shotgun and make crepes, Father in Law will build stellar wedding website, and Mother in Law can teach her the finer points of the scissor kick ---Marrying into a Redskins Family

Addison Ritner Lee: +++Long summer days for Addy with future grandparents in Virginia Beach, wedding guaranteed not to be held during a major sporting event, and Braden sure to have his parents great sense of humor ---Marrying into a Yankees Family

Addison Ritner Cook: +++Petey's pro sports paycheck will set Addy for life, endless hours of fun hearing GrandPapa Cook stories, a lifetime of trips to Hershey Park---Parents will never be able to agree on a church to hold the wedding...and marrying into an Eagles Family.

Well, I guess it's a toss up for now. We will see who has the gumption to ask her out first...

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Anonymous said...

My money's on Cook.