Thursday, March 30

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Well, it has been a busy week as you can see by the flood of pictures on the Intersection. No time to write, just upload.

More to come on Monday. Looking forward to 3rd best weekend in sports ahead.

Final Four from Indianapolis

Opening Day for the Cubs (1:10 at Cincinnati)
NCAA Championship followed by One Shining Moment, the greatest 3 minutes in sports

In case you were wondering, the top ten weekends in sports
1. Opening Round of the NCAA's
2. Super Bowl Weekend
3. MLB Opening Day/Final Four
4. NFL Division Championship Weekend
5. NFL Conference Championship Weekend
6. BCS Championship Weekend/New Year's Eve(not always technically a weekend)
7. The Masters/Baseball's first Weekend Series
8. Cubs v. Sox/Fourth of July Weekend
9. ACC/Big East/SEC/Big 10 Conference Championships/Selection Sunday
10. NFL Opening Weekend/Fantasy Football Drafts

Disagree? Post a comment and let me know what belongs in your top 10. Daytona, NFL Kickoff Weekend, Patriots Day Weekend (Boston Marathon/Red Sox Game), British Open, etc.

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