Thursday, March 9

Ear Muffs, Addy, Ear Muffs

It is a vulgar world out there with all the language that some people use, so it is never too early to teach your children to cover their ears and keep out the naughty words...rememember what our Sunday School teachers taught us, "Be careful little ears what you hear...for your Father up above it looking down in love, so be careful little ears what you hear."

Mom and Dad had their first disagreement about Addy's continual eye gunk problem. Mom was sure it was normal, Dad thought it was a clogged eye duct, and since this blog is written by Dad, you already know who was right. Turns out she has a clogged duct and some other form of ___- tivitis (not conjunctivitis, but some other thing like that) No big deal, a couple of eye drops a day makes it all go away.

Addy is up to 8 lbs 6 oz and growing more each day. She has turned into a great night sleeper, but doesn't like to settle down for more than 30 minutes between day feedings, making Mom a little nervous about going back to work from home soon. Dad is already getting ready for his sermon next Sunday at church, just in time for our move to 3 services. We will have to find a way to use Addison as an illustration of something.

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