Wednesday, June 11

Inside of Three Weeks

We have officially agreed on a name, Jackson Noah Ritner.

The selling points for us:
-Great nicknames like Jack, Jax, J.R.
-The last Ritner to be born in the South, (Culpepper, Virginia during the start of the Civil War) was named John Noah Ritner. So since Dad grew up hating the spelling John, this will have to be close enough.
-He will have his dad's initials, JNR, so he can inherit all my engraved knives I am collecting every time I am a groomsmen in a wedding.
-When Global Warming brings floods to Williamsburg, people will naturally look to our Noah to build an ark of salvation for them. Hope he can do it in less time than it took the other one.

Time for the blog to take on a new masculine look as we get ready for another man in this house. Say goodbye to chick flicks, pink cakes and dress up. It is time for wrestling, mud pies and football in the yard.

How long until he can catch a football you think, 6-7 months?

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