Saturday, June 28

Biding Our Time...

Well today is Jackson's official due date and still no sign of him. At this point we are hoping he waits another 48 hours so we can go in to be induced by doctor's orders on Monday at 6AM on a full night's sleep and with Grandma here to be with Addy.

Wednesday morning was the first of a summer movie series at the local theater. The kids get in for a buck and parents are free. The best part, popcorn and soda are only a buck as well. This week was a Veggie Tales movie so Mom and Addy went and Dad was able to stick his head in for a little bit since I had an appointment right around the corner before it started.

Here are some pictures. Addy actually made it through the whole thing, but sadly Braden and Coleman had to leave after Braden got a little scared at the whole room begin so dark.

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