Monday, July 10

Serve the City

The purpose of the trip was to partner with one of our Chapel Missionaries in Brussels who is the pastor of a Church plant called The Well and their annual city wide service project, Serve the City. They coordinated 125 volunteers in 30 sites working in all sorts of ethnic neighborhoods. Kristyn's Beauty Team went out and gave manicures and haircuts in homeless shelters and retirement homes. Kristyn even gave a manicure in a subway station to a woman who was begging. Jon helped coach at a basketball camp each day, one outside location, and then an indoor gym in the afternoon. Serve the City is an attempt to build relationships with religious and non religious organizations in Brussels and publicize the Well as a socially active church in a mostly post-Christian culture. One of their main expenditures is media publicity. The web site has some great videos from each day (Jon is in the basketball video) and Kristyn is standing in front of one of the subway station signs below.

While we were there, The Well had their weekly meeting on Sunday in St. Catherine's Cathedral downtown and served free dinner to all who were in the area. That made for some interesting church-goers.

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